Super Fit Denzel Washington, Viola Davis May Become Oscar Front-runners for “Fences” This Year

Denzel Washington
Photo credit: SPW / Splash News

Denzel Washington has bagged two Academy Awards, along with two Golden Globes and one Tony Award but his journey doesn’t stop there. We can learn through social media that Washington and Viola Davis are fierce competitors on the road to Oscars.

Fences, full of titanic performances and well-measured support, will be a major awards contender. Viola Davis is unbeatable. Sorry, ladies,” Vulture’s Kyle Buchanan tweeted shortly after the screening.

Denzel Washington Workout Routine

Washington’s dexterous workout routine will exhaust people half his age. For burning calories and building muscles, he does 10 rounds of boxing for five days per week. Boxing is a combination of aerobic exercises and strength training.  On average, a person can lose around 1000 calories per day with boxing. It is an interval training where you box rigorously for three minutes followed by a minute rest. The heart rate increases during boxing and it comes to normal during rest. This workout helps to burn 20% more fat than other workouts.

Washington also works with weights to tone his upper body and includes functional training and cardio in his routine. The Magnificent Seven star works under training with celebrity fitness expert, Kacy Duke. She says to be in shape and maintain that shape, you need to find an exercise which you love doing. You need to have strong determination, love yourself, and strictly follow the fitness regime designed by your trainer.

Denzel Washington Diet

He admits to staying away from things that don’t keep his body and mind together. He has not put any restrictions to eating but strictly follows portion control. He eats protein-rich foods like chicken, turkey, and fish. His diet focuses on high-protein and low-carb to avoid accumulation of fats in the body and have a muscular body. He eats brown rice and whole grains for the carbs requirement of the body.

Viola Davis Diet and Workout Routine

Davis does not have an personal trainer but she follows her own exercise routine. It includes leg presses, triceps exercises, deadlifts, and standing calf raise along with cardio exercises.

For the movie, Get On Up, she followed a Wolverine-type diet which allowed her to eat only for eight hours a day and fasted for 16 hours. In an interview given to the People magazine, the How to Get Away with Murder star had admitted to losing weight with the diet plan. “For eight hours in that day, you eat anything you want. They tell you not to binge, but you choose those eight hours.” She continues, “I’m a former ‘big girl’, and I like the fat burgers, the turkey fat burgers and the ‘skinny’ fries,” she says. “That being said, I eat a lot of low-carb pasta.”

She says she gets up in the middle of the night to find some candy in her drawer, chews it and goes back to sleep! Well, with such delicious indulges, we wonder how he still maintains her shape!



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