Super Fit Kaley Cuoco Stuns the Red Carpet with Boyfriend Karl Cook at Critics’ Choice Awards

Kaley Cuoco
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Kaley Cuoco seems madly in love with her boyfriend, Karl Cook, and always travels with him. They were even seen together at the red carpet for the Critics’ Choice Awards. In this Instagram post, the star is seen cuddling up to her beau for a kiss. She wore a long flowing pink dress and looked absolutely stunning and as radiant as ever.

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Keep reading to find out Kaley Cuoco’s fitness and diet secrets.

Kaley Cuoco’s Workout Routine

Kaley Cuoco works out three times a week for one and a half hours. Her trainer, George C. King, reveals her workout secrets. He says Cuoco’s routine includes three to six different exercises or circuits. Her sample workout plan includes 10 reps of close-grip push-ups, 30 seconds of planks, 20 seconds of mountain climbers, and 15 reps of squat jumps.

She targets her abs, arms, and butt. Her workouts for perfectly toned abs and arms include hanging knee lifts, sit-ups, standing barbell curls or elbow planks, triceps dips, and push-ups on either a bench or a stability ball. She does 10 to 12 reps of the above exercises. Her favorite abs exercises involves a BOSU Ball, sit-ups to squat jumps, alternating prone dumbbell tricep kickbacks, and plank jumping jacks.

For toning her legs, she does leg step-ups on a bench, single-leg dumbbell stiff-leg deadlifts, isometric squat holds, and uses elliptical machine. She does 10 reps of each of the above exercises. For building and toning core muscles and reliving stress, she incorporated spinning in her routine and goes to spinning classes three times a week. Spinning helps to build muscles in the butt, thigh, calves, and core.

She also loves horse-back riding and goes four times a week for at least an hour before she workouts out. She also revealed her fit body secrets to ET Online. She said, “Yoga is the secret.” She continued, “Yoga is the reason that I have been [looking great]. It has done everything, mentally and physically. I love it.”

Working out is not the only thing she does to stay in shape. She compliments her workouts with a healthy diet.

Kaley Cuoco’s Diet Plan

Kaley Cuoco is very concerned about what she puts in her body, so she prefers preparing her own meals in order to maintain a good and healthy diet. She has oats, granola, skimmed milk, and fruits for breakfast. After her spinning classes, she eats a Subway sandwich and makes it more spicy by adding onions and jalapenos. Her dinner is as nutritious as her breakfast. She snacks on salads and soups and refrains from munching on junk.

The only unhealthy habit she has is drinking cola. She loves cola so much that she has replaced her desserts with the aerated beverage. Well, we all have our indulgences!

Her trainer insists she avoids white rice, white bread, and white potatoes. She sticks to portion control and indulges in moderation. Kaley Cuoco eats a lot of green veggies, proteins, and fresh fruits.



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