Supermodel Karlie Kloss Shows Love for Fitness and Healthy Snacks on Instagram

Karlie Kloss
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Supermodel Karlie Kloss adores healthy snacks and fitness plans, and she makes it known to her fans. One look at Karlie Kloss’s Instagram account will give you an idea of her devotion to good food and exercise. The stunning six-foot-one American beauty stays fit because her day job involves walking down runways and posing for cameras, so she must keep her figure tight and toned. If you’ve ever wondered what the Karlie Kloss workout and diet are all about, look no further. Kloss shares all kinds of fitspiration on Instagram and her dedication is pretty awesome.


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Fitness Is a Way of Life for Kloss

Did you know that Victoria’s Secret and Joe Fresh model Kloss has been involved in fitness since she was a teen? Yes, she was involved in all kinds of sports like basketball, soccer, and swimming, and she also practiced classical ballet, which gave her tons of body awareness and confidence for when she began to model.

She had self-professed “girl-crushes” on fellow Victoria’s Secret models Candice Swanepoel and Miranda Kerr, and when she met New York City trainer Justin Gelband, who worked with them, she asked for the same workouts and went through a body transformation.

Her stunning results and ongoing fitness regime can be seen on Instagram, where Kloss posts pictures of her elongated figure in stretching poses. Oh yes—it’s #Fitness Friday!

?? #fitnessfriday @wanderlustfest

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What Karlie Kloss exercises helped achieve that enviable figure? Well, Kloss was known to visit Gelband’s co-owned fitness studio modelFIT for weekly workout sessions, and they focused on a training technique that uses slow, controlled movements to build long, lean muscle.

What Kloss likes most is its adaptability, telling with Vogue magazine, “If I travel for work, I have a set of resistance bands, a pair of ankle weights, and my Nike tennis shoes in my bag. That’s it… Working out can be as simple as using your own body weight and a water bottle.”

She puts a lot of emphasis on sculpting her arms, core, and those killer legs with mini-circuit workouts! Besides working with personal trainers, Kloss also loves yoga and Pilates and outdoor activities such as biking, hiking, running, and swimming.

What She Eats to Stay Slim

Kloss likes to eat healthy, as you can see in this Instagram photo of a delicious bowl of nutritional goodness.

Afternoon snack ?????

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This healthy afternoon snack appears to be packed with superfoods like chia seeds, cacao nibs, fresh yogurt, fruit, and shredded coconut! Drool. She is also known to eat vegan foods, as well as lots of fruits, fresh veggies, and lean sources of protein.

She also loves to indulge throughout the day in healthy snacks like almonds, apples, granola bars, and dark chocolate. She likes to keep her breakfasts light and have a protein shake with almond milk for lunch sometimes. The Karlie Kloss diet focuses on nutritious foods and snacks in moderation.

Words of Advice

Supermodel Karlie Kloss keeps her figure by exercising and eating healthy snacks, and that seems simple enough. If you’re struggling, she has some words of advice on an Instagram post of her doing a beautiful yoga pose.


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What does it say? “I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy, I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it” Thanks, Karlie! It is indeed worth it.

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