Susan Sarandon, Demi Moore Are Ageless Beauties: Actresses’ Healthy Food Habits Revealed

Susan Sarandon
Photo Credit: Theo Wargo / Staff/ Getty

Susan Sarandon and Demi Moore are often labeled as “ageless beauties,” which is cool because they have completely different looks. They also seem to maintain their youth and appearance in different ways, while both think healthy food habits are a major key.

Truthfully, I don’t see much of a connection between Susan Sarandon and Demi Moore. The two have an 18-year age gap between them, and it appears they have radically different views on nutrition. Moore is a raw vegan who’s known to go on and off fad diets—like juice cleanses and the vegan diet—while Sarandon seems to have a healthier relationship with food.

A one-time vegetarian, Sarandon told WebMD she got bored going meat-free and has brought it back into her diet. She says she doesn’t eat a ton of it but won’t shun it completely. She still eats plenty of fruits and vegetables that are high in fiber and antioxidants.

Both women try to limit their intake of refined carbs. This is especially common for women Sarandon’s age—she’s 72—because of post-menopause metabolic changes that can lead to increased fat accumulation. Most people put on weight not just because they’re eating too many calories, but also because they’re eating the wrong kinds of calories. Cutting back on carbs and eating more vegetables, fruit, and healthy fats can help reduce the risk for diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and limit inflammation.

Workout to Stay Young

In an interview with Parade, Sarandon encourages young women to abandon the cycle of constant diets and to eat healthy and still enjoy themselves without obsessing over their image. Sarandon stays active by adopting cardio-based boxing classes and leading an active lifestyle.

Moore shares Sarandon’s enthusiasm for activity, working out with Hollywood trainer Gregory Joujon-Roche. Aside from working on the fitness side of things, Roche also helps Moore with nutritional decisions.

Get Out What You Put In

If you want to look great and stay healthy as you age, treating your body right is the way to do it. Foods like vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, and fresh proteins are nutrient dense, while beverages like water and antioxidant-rich green tea are also great to keep you looking and feeling young.

Avoiding harmful items that promote inflammation and cellular aging like processed foods and alcohol, helps lower your chances of aging and illness. Nutrients found in whole, fresh food supply all the nutrients you need for cell growth and regeneration, providing sound defense from oxidization and wear and tear.

You might not be able to control the years that pass, but you do have some say in how your body embraces them. Eat a healthy diet and get some exercise to give yourself the best chance to age gracefully.



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