Thanksgiving 2016 Best Restaurants: Where to Eat, Which Restaurants Are Open

Thanksgiving 2016 Restaurants

Where are you eating for Thanksgiving 2016? Sure, you can slave over a stove all day, or you could venture out to some of the best restaurants in NYC.

Cooking can be hard; never mind the mess it can make. Why not let someone else do the cooking—and the dishes—this Thanksgiving, and head over to some of the restaurants open on Thanksgiving instead.

Below you will find where to eat this Thanksgiving if cooking just isn’t your cup of tea.

Best Restaurants NYC for Thanksgiving

Rotisserie Gerogette: This Upper East Side restaurant will provide you with a three-course meal for $84, with the option of a wine pairing for an additional $47. Not only will you get the classic Thanksgiving dishes, but you can expect to get them with a French flare.

Whether you’re vegetarian or not, there are options for everyone, including turkey, stuffing, and apple puree.

Dovetail: For $125, you can have a three-course meal in the Upper West Side. You can start your dinner with a Fuji apple salad and truffled pappardelle, and for your main you have several options to choose from—turkey included. Your meal will come with all the fixings and you’ll end it off with a delicious slice of pumpkin pie or stuffed cheesecake.

The Cecil: Three courses at The Cecil will cost you $65, and you can expect an Afro-Asian take on the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Porter House Bar and Grill: This Upper West Side joint is $92 for a three-course meal of very traditional American-style food, including turkey with an apple stuffing and crab cakes and lobster bisque.

Jean Georges: For a higher price of $188 for three courses, Jean Georges is pulling out all the stops with their refined menu of tuna tartare with tapioca chips, truffle-crusted king salmon, turkey with foie gras stuffing, and an “orchard” or chocolate tasting for dessert.

Vaucluse: Another French-inspired restaurant, three courses at Vaucluse will run you $99 but will include beef tartare, rabbit-and-Reblochon-cheese ravioli with black truffle, and mains like turkey with pain perdu stuffing, and hazelnut-crusted sea bass. End your meal with your choice of a pumpkin tart, apple galette, or gâteau au chocolat.

RedFarm: If a prix fixe isn’t your style, eat a la carte and take your pick of Joe Ng’s Peking turkey, with crêpes and an assortment of condiments, in addition to the regular menu.

Crave Fishbar: Three courses at Crave Fishbar will cost you $75 and the staff will serve you up tempura-fried hake, clam-and-mushroom chowder, turkey with pan drippings, and teriyaki green beans. For dessert, you can enjoy either pumpkin pie or sweet potato-pumpkin pie.

Sauvage: If you’re out in Brooklyn, stop off at Sauvage where a three-part meal will run you $65. Sauvage is serving up French-style American food, which includes butternut-squash velouté with chestnut and crab, venison tartare with pickled beets, turkey with sourdough harvest stuffing, and hazelnut cake. Reservations are advised, but walk-ins are accepted to be seated at the bar.

These are just some of the top restaurants in NYC you can visit this Thanksgiving if you don’t want to cook. There are many restaurants open this holiday throughout New York, so you may want to check out some of your local places.



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