The 6 Tools Every Healthy Kitchen Must Have

The 6 Tools Every Healthy Kitchen Must Have

My definition of a healthy kitchen is to have it full of fruits and vegetables. For my family of five we should be eating approximately 25 cups of fruits and veggies per day!!! I can tell you this is a daunting number and one I am not sure that we accomplish every day. So to keep these fruits and veggies interesting, I have some of my favorite cooking tools to help me along the way.

Honestly…I’m not sure that I could survive without any of them.

Here are 6 Tools every Healthy Kitchen should have:

1. Knife sharpener:

A dull knife is no good to anyone and is guaranteed to frustrate, not to mention increase the chance of injuries. David Hollingsworth, a personal injury lawyer in Ottawa states, “People think that because a knife is dull, it can’t cause them any harm.

Because it is dull, they need extra pressure while cutting and often end up injuring themselves with the knife slipping. Note: always keep a sharp knife in its appropriate sheath when not in use to avoid injuring any guests or little fingers.”

The best knives to use are chef’s knives so just be sure to sharpen it every five to six uses or as needed. Look for a basic steel and Google a demo video on how to use it and you’ll be a pro.

There are many kitchen supply stores that will professionally sharpen knives for free while you shop for your essential cooking supplies.

2. Cutting board:

With that very sharp knife, you need the platform for performance. With so many types on the market, here are a few tips for selecting the right one for you!  Look for a large, light weight, and slip proof board.

You want to be able to slice, dice, and chop without veggies slopping all over the counter! I truly love love love my Epicurean cutting board…you can even buy multiple sizes to make a puzzle on your counter. Where possible, dedicate one for meats and another for fruits and vegetables to avoid cross contamination.

3. High speed blender:

I am just now investing in a Vitamix blender although I have coveted the elusive blender for over 20 years!!! I gotta tell you…the superb smooth and quiet high powered motor is an investment I needed to make.

The final straw was when I attempted smoothing out my gazpacho in my food processor and it literally didn’t cut it. The $8.50 green smoothies I will no longer be buying will quickly justify the price. Kale, nuts, and or seeds …smooth as silk!

Two other great high speed blenders are Blendtech and NutriBullet.

4. A programmable crock pot:

Chop your veggies (in uniform pieces), toss into your crockpot with meats, beans, sauce, and spices. Set for your desired cooking time and walk away! A warm home cooked meal is ready whenever you return with the “warm” setting available on many models.

5. Small wares:

This groups together all your small kitchen utensils like a peeler, spatula, whisk or wooden spoon. Color in the kitchen is at an all-time high…how many times do we stand at the drawer trying to find the utensil of choice? The kitchen drawer is one of the only places we aim to clash bright colors for the easy retrieval of cooking tools.

The silicone spatula by Danesco is sturdy enough to fold batter, scrape bowls, and sauté veggies over high heat. Green is my color of choice!

6. Zyliss vegetable peeler:

Colorful, easy to grip, and it slides sharply across carrots, potatoes, and rutabagas with ease! Did you know the sharp little silver piece at the top of the peeler is to remove spots on potatoes, apples, and other fruits and veggies?

These essential cooking supplies are a must for any healthy kitchen! Stay tuned to see how to use all these fabulous cooking tools.

This article was written by Korey Kealey, a natural kitchen wizard and the founder of Kitchen Konnected and enerjive products. Named “Mompreneur” by the Globe and Mail, the mother of three is a spokeswoman for companies and products that promote health and wellness. Korey can often be seen whipping up quick, healthy meals on local and national television, delivering her down-to-earth style of cooking and recipe creation. One of her creations can now be found in food stores nationally. Look for Korey’s (enerjive) Quinoa Skinny Crackers in five yummy flavors (Bonus: they are gluten-free).

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