The Results Are In: What Our Readers Think About Organic Food

A few weeks ago, we posted a poll on our web site. We asked our readers what they thought about organic food: was it just a media hype? Was it worth the (sometimes higher) price? Or were they just undecided on the organic food issue?

The results surprised me, to be honest. I thought the majority of our readers would definitely agree it was worth the price (especially since we talk about the benefits of organic food a lot) or, for those who didn’t, they would think the benefits of organic food are hyped up by the media. We actually found that a lot of readers aren’t sure—over 30% of our readers polled said they were undecided.

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So what does this tell us? I actually think it’s quite exciting. This isn’t the first or the last controversial issue that people will be undecided on, especially as more and more research is conducted to try and find a concrete answer. I think we have the opportunity to educate ourselves and help all those undecided readers find answers. Personally, I don’t care which answer you choose—I think the journey of health and food education is more important than which side of the fence you end up on. And I’m looking forward to joining you on that journey.

You can start right now by reading these articles on organic foods (and let us know what you think in the comments below):

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