They’re Back, Pitches! Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Ruby Rose Are Getting Fit for Pitch Perfect 3

They’re Back, Pitches! Anna Kendrick, Rebel Wilson, and Ruby Rose Are Getting Fit for Pitch Perfect 3
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The Barden Bellas are returning to the big screen this December with Pitch Perfect 3; joining stars Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson is rumored to be Orange is the New Black alum Ruby Rose. The multi-talented ladies are hard at work shooting the film, which is set to release December 22, 2017—just in time for Christmas. Kendrick posted a photo of herself and some of the Bellas to her Instagram this past Thursday, stirring up excitement among fans of the franchise.


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The series requires a lot of stamina, not only from the long hours on set, but from the intensive choreography and singing routines performed by the acapella groups. Find out how the stars keep in shape for their demanding roles below.

Anna Kendrick

Kendrick’s career has taken off since she began acting at just ten years old. Nominated for a Tony award at 12, an Oscar at 24, and having a multi-platinum single under her belt by the age of 27, the actress has had to work hard to balance her life and career accordingly. While she’s the first to admit that she’s never liked the idea of a personal trainer, Kendrick does do her best to make time for cardio three to four times a week, though running on a treadmill comes as a last resort. Instead, the actress prefers classes like Pure Barre, which is popular among other celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Dakota Fanning. Classes based on the Barre method combine ballet inspired moves with strength building exercises that target your legs, arms, and core, meaning you can get an abs workout without tedious crunches!

Rebel Wilson

Wilson’s weight-loss made headlines last year when the actress announced a loss of 8 lbs. in just four days after her stay at The Ranch Malibu—a wellness retreat also favored by Lea Michele and Julienne Hough that allows you to relax and unplug while focusing on your individual fitness goals.

Guests at The Ranch follow a strict daily routine that includes workouts like hiking, yoga, and weight training, as well as a primarily vegan-based meal plan. The workouts are fantastic for building muscle and increasing cardiovascular stamina, while the plant-based diet allows you to fill up on low-calorie options that provide your body with the essentials without adding any unnecessary fats or sugars. The combination of the healthy diet and extensive daily exercise leads to you feeling stronger and more energetic while your body slims and tones faster.

While she was clearly excited about her rapid weight-loss, Wilson still remains true to her character of Fat Amy and loves her body no matter what shape or size. She’s even revealed that she felt lucky when she first arrived in LA, as not many actresses had a similar look and body type, and she was signed to an agency almost immediately because of this.

Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson will be reprising their roles as two of the lead Barden Bellas this December, and with rumors swirling around potential new cast mates like Ruby Rose, the third installment of the Pitch Perfect franchise is shaping up to be aca-awesome.



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