Thor Star Chris Hemsworth Reveals Workout for a Healthy Body and Mind

Photo credit: SPW / Twist/ Splash News
Chris Hemsworth

Photo credit: SPW / Twist/ Splash News

Thor star Chris Hemsworth shared one of his intense workouts on his Instagram. In the video, Hemsworth is punching and kicking away—he also wrote a caption that reads, “Smashing the pads with @zocobodypro, nothing better than physical exertion to clear the mind.

Any stress or thoughts from today, tomorrow, yesterday or years from now go out the window and your slammed into the present moment. Get moving everyone! Healthy body healthy mind #padsdonthitback.”

It seems that, for Hemsworth, physical training doesn’t only build muscle, but offers mental clarity. Let’s take a look at other healthy tips from Hemsworth himself as we dive into his high intensity training routine.

Chris Hemsworth Fitness Secrets and Healthy Tips

No doubt that Hemsworth has muscles—how else can you lug around a heavy hammer as your primary weapon?

Hemsworth has played many roles, not just Thor, so his physique often changes. He’s bulked up and slimmed down, but there are some key points you can take away from his fitness routine to help with your own.

For starters, Hemsworth practices chaos training, which means that he completes a variety of different workout programs as a means to shock his muscles, which helps with bulking up.

Second, it was important that Hemsworth dropped fat and built muscle. To do so, he completed cross-fit-inspired workouts along with high intensity interval training (HIIT).

Chris Hemsworth

Another big aspect of Hemsworth’s look is his diet; when he has to bulk up, he needs to consume a lot more calories than normal. He sticks to chicken, vegetables, and rice, which the actor notes can get boring real quick.

But it’s important to eat like this because it provides micronutrients that are needed to feed muscles. Without these micronutrients, muscles starve; furthermore, this style of eating very much helps define muscular abs, which we all know Hemsworth is hiding beneath his shirts.

Lastly, the real secret behind Hemsworth’s ability to lift Thor’s iconic hammer is fountain training. Fountain training involves mobility exercises designed to correct posture, increase strength, and eliminate muscular pain.

As you can see the essence of becoming Thor, or being Chris Hemsworth, involves intense training, eating clean, boosting your metabolism, and performing movements properly to avoid injury. All of Hemsworth’s hard work has paid off, as he continues to fill Thor’s shoes.

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