Troian Bellisario Stays Slim with Workout and Healthy Diet in Wake of Pretty Little Liars Series Finale

Troian Bellisario
Photo Credit: Mike Windle / Staff / Getty

Disheartening news for Pretty Little Liars fans. After six years and seven seasons of onscreen togetherness, the show is about to come to an end.

Troian Bellisario and other co-stars have been taking to their social media to say their goodbyes.
The star detailed her final days of filming through an Instagram pic.

She mentions that she’ll miss working on the show. The caption shows just how close the cast have become over the last seven years.

In the wake of the news, she doesn’t refrain from following a healthy lifestyle of workouts and nutritious food.

Troian Bellisario’s Healthy Diet

Bellisario has kept aging at bay with a healthy diet and dedicated workout routine. The actress, despite being 30, looks young enough to play a high school girl in Pretty Little Liars.

Healthy juice cleanses are a part of her healthy lifestyle. She doesn’t swear by starvation to develop her body—instead, she practices moderation.

When hunger strikes her, she eats healthy nutritious food instead of relying on junk. She mostly consumes fresh fruits and veggies. Her choice of snacks includes yogurt, almonds, and potatoes. She eats chicken and fish to fill her up and provide her body with the required amounts of proteins.
She eats lots of green veggies in the form of salads and smoothies. She loves treating herself to pizza, burgers, and fries in moderation.

Troian Bellisario’s Aerial Workouts

Judging from Bellisario’s Instagram, she loves aerial workouts. She can be seen executing aerial workouts swiftly and gracefully on her account.

Happy Thursday from @themarkwildman & @selkiehom & me

A photo posted by Troian Bellisario (@sleepinthegardn) on

Aerial workouts are extremely hard and you need to be an incredible athlete to do them. Bellisario can do it very easily thanks to her training from Mark Wildman. Due to her busy schedule, she can only train for two days a week, so her workouts need to be very effective. They focus on aerial silks and then move onto full contact self-defense training.

Aerial training works on the whole body. It includes climbing techniques, inverts, and crocheting actions to improve shoulder traction and core strength.

Wildman says aerial is very challenging that you need to be in perfect shape to even get into it. It requires hanging for several minutes from two pieces of fabric, by your hands, and making your body do different moves.

Bellisario started to train on clubbells to ensure she didn’t damage her joints during the initial phase of aerial training. Her shoulders need to be trained to move in every direction under stress. For the rigorous climbing training, she required to have hip and core strength.

We would surely miss our fittest star!

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