Tyra Banks’ Diet Includes Eggs, Tomatoes and Ketchup for Breakfast

Photo Credit: Image Press / Splash News
Tyra Banks

Photo Credit: Image Press / Splash News

Tyra Banks was one of the world’s top-earning models— needless to say, diet and exercise are important parts of the beauty’s lifestyle. What does the former America’s Next Top Model host eat? The Tyra Banks Instagram account might reveal some key answers; Tyra recently shared a recent photo of her breakfast. What I dub the Tyra Banks healthy breakfast consisted of eggs, pepper, and tomatoes with ketchup:

Eggs eaten. Now time for breakfast dessert: Tomatoes with Ketchup AKA Tomatoes on Tomatoes

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Tyra Banks Weight Loss Diet and Eating Habits

The actress and former talk show host believes that there is a lot of unfair pressure put on models to be unhealthily thin. When Tyra modeled she was a healthy and slim size 6, not a size zero like many models today are expected to be! And Tyra’s toned and sculpted figure worked for her—the 42-year-old was the first African-American woman to grace the covers of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and GQ magazine.

Still, Tyra struggled with her weight in the past. In 2009, the former model dropped a whopping 30-pounds.

At one point, Tyra Banks even encouraged several friends to join her “get fit challenge” in an effort for her to get healthier. Tyra has said the challenge wasn’t an effort to lose weight—she loves her body no matter what dress size she is, and believes every woman should feel the same way.

What is Tyra Banks’ diet plan? For Tyra Banks, healthy weight loss means having more endurance and feeling more comfortable in your body. The Tyra Banks weight loss diet is not a quick fix weight loss plan that includes shakes or starvation. In fact, Tyra doesn’t believe in weight loss diets—but she does believe in a healthy lifestyle and has worked with nutritionist Heather Bauer.

Tyra consumes a lot of fiber-rich foods, and avoids empty carbs and calories. She avoids foods like pastas, bagels, muffins, scones, sweets, and candy, while eating healthier carb sources like brown rice, peas, beans, and sweet potatoes.

What does a typical Tyra Banks’ diet plan look like? A Tyra Banks healthy breakfast may include green tea, yogurt and fruit, oatmeal, a high-fiber cereal, or eggs. Lunch may include a salad with chicken and vinaigrette dressing (or shrimp with steamed vegetables).

Other lunches may include caprese salad, gazpacho, or a turkey sandwich. Some snacks include rice cakes, cheese, or fruit. Tyra Banks’ dinners include protein and vegetables, along with a healthy carb source. Her dinner may also include green beans, a baked potato, vegetable soup, and broiled salmon.

Tyra Banks’ Fitness and Exercise Plan

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks looks tall, lean, fit, and fierce as she struts out of ABC Studios. 09/08/2015. Credit: Elder Ordonez/INFphoto.com

Exercise is also a big part of Tyra Banks’ healthy lifestyle. The Tyra Banks fitness and exercise plan (as I dub it) includes at least an hour of cardio every day. This includes running on the treadmill for three miles, or walking outside. Banks also hired celebrity trainer Martin Snow to help her lose weight through strength training and resistance training.

Some of her workouts have included the medicine ball and parachute running. Running with a parachute is a great way to build stamina and strength, and lose weight. Working with a medicine ball is also an excellent way to burn calories, build strength, and condition your muscles.

Tyra Banks is not your typical model. She believes in healthy eating, but also doesn’t suggest starving yourself—especially if your aspirations are to become a model. Exercise and a healthy diet have helped Banks maintain a fabulous figure without looking too thin, and she believes other models should follow her advice.

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