Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Him: Delicious Food Items to Show Your Love


If your partner often takes pictures their food and yours, and posts them on social media with the hashtags #foodaddict, #foodporn, or #foodiegram, then chances are you are dating a foodie. This is even more so if they know specific food-related information that makes them sound like a food connoisseur on the Food Network and love to try fancy MasterChef recipes in their well-equipped kitchen.

Valentine’s Day 2017 is just a few days away. So, if you are still pondering Valentine’s gift ideas for him and don’want to give him Valentine’s Day chocolate or Valentine’s Day cookies, why not gift him something which shows that you appreciate your partner’s love of food? Here are some great ideas for Valentine’s Day food gifts.

Ideas for Valentine’s Day Food Gifts for Him

1. Heart-Shaped Waffle Iron

This waffle iron stands out from the usual ones, because it makes cute, heart-shaped waffles. These heart-shaped waffles with some ice cream and maple syrup could be a lovely start to a fantastic Valentine’s Day.

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2. Felted Knife Roll

If your man loves to cook as a stress buster, or spends much his time in the kitchen, then gift him a felted knife roll. This will make things easier and more convenient for the amateur chef in him.

3. Salad Dressing Shaker

This is a great gift idea, even for your non-foodie, health-conscious partner. Gift an amazing salad dressing shaker for their bowl of greens.

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4. Ombre Enamel Teapot

If your partner likes to wind down with a nice cup of hot tea, then give him an ombre enamel teapot.

5. Stainless-Steel Soap Bar

Some people will often refrain from cooking with onions and garlic because of the strong odor that lingers on their hands. Well, worry no more because stainless-steel bars are here. This stainless-steel soap bar could be a suitable purchase for both you and your partner.

6. Chocolate Fondue Pot

If your partner is a chocoholic, then a chocolate fondue pot could be the ultimate gift for him. Maybe he will even use it for dessert time on Valentine’s Day.

7. Cocktail Shaker and Cocktail Recipe Book

Let him make create all kinds of delicious concoctions while you get happily drunk. For the budding bartender in your partner, a cocktail shaker along with a cocktail recipe book could be a (romantically) great gift.

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8. Sushi Kit

If your man loves sushi, get him a sushi kit! A sushi kit contains the basic ingredients and tools needed to make sushi rolls. It also includes sushi rice, sushi vinegar, nori seaweed, and a bamboo rolling mat.

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9. Custom Recipe Notebook

Organization is a habit that doesn’t come naturally to most men. So, give him a custom recipe notebook to keep a record of all his new and old recipes.

10. Folding Cookbook Stand

While your man is cooking up a storm in the kitchen, save his precious cookbook from the mess with a folding cookbook stand. Gift him this and then step back from the kitchen.

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