“Vanderpump Rules” Scheana Shay Credits Healthy Meal Plan & Workout for Weight Loss

“Vanderpump Rules” Scheana Shay Credits Healthy Meal Plan & Workout for Weight Loss
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Vanderpump Rules’ Scheana Shay credits her recent weight loss to enjoying a healthy meal plan. Her body transformation includes dropping 25 pounds with the assistance of a personal trainer.

There have been rumors that Shay had been using diet pills and had underwent plastic surgery, but the reality TV star has denied such claims. She has often promoted supplements such as Hydroxycut, and many fans speculated that was the secret to the drastic weight loss. Shay, on the other hand, has opened up about how healthy eating and old-fashioned exercise were the real reasons behind her body transformation. It seems, however, not everyone is loving the lighter Shay. In fact, she has been dealing with plenty of scrutiny about being “too skinny” on her Instagram.

Although she has often been open about her Botox injections when it comes to rumors about her “new” nose, she says that they are false. Even some of her co-stars pondered about the changes they saw in Shay’s nose. But Shay took to her Twitter to squash these rumors. She posted, “I swear.. I lose a little bit of weight and all of a sudden I’m ‘plastic’ and have had ‘so much work done.’ If I had, I’d own it.”

As for the brand Hydroxycut, it’s been speculated that the company approached her to be their spokesperson after she had lost the weight—without the pills. A bit strange if you ask us.

Scheana Shay Diet and Exercise

On the show, Vanderpump Rules, Shay, along with her husband, had a visit from Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix in order to clean up their diets to achieve weight loss. The two gave Shay pointers on how to put together a healthy breakfast, so at least there is some TV evidence that dietary changes were made.

Although the reality star didn’t really need to drop weight—especially 25 pounds—it seems it was something she simply wanted to do for herself. She opened up to The Daily Dish to further explain her body transformation saying, “I got on a meal plan; I worked out with a personal trainer, six days a week, for several months.”

Even still, it’s quite hard to look past the fact that Shay is being paid by a weight loss company and posting pictures of her using the products when she really isn’t. Sure, celebrities are great when it comes to endorsement, but if she is going around denying the use of weight loss pills or supplements, wouldn’t others catch wind of this and not want to try such products?

What’s interesting to note, is that Shay has disabled comments on her posts promoting Hydroxycut. Was she getting too much negative backlash from fans? Even if you censor one image we’re sure that angry fans will just find other pictures to harass the TV personality about.

Caffeine + pool days! @hydroxycut ??

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Regardless, whatever Scheana Shay has done to achieve her figure, you can’t deny that she looks amazing. She often takes to her Instagram account to reveal her fit body and so if diet and exercise really is Shay’s secret, then good on her for being so dedicated and making such changes.



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