Vanessa Hudgens Wants More Energy, Flat Abs, Turns to Flat Tummy Tea

Vanessa Hudgens Wants More Energy, Flat Abs, Turns to Flat Tummy Tea
(Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

Vanessa Hudgens is the latest celebrity to jump in the detox tea train in hopes of gaining flat abs. The High School Musical alum took to Instagram this past Wednesday and posed with a package of Flat Tummy Tea, making the resolution of “New Year, New Tummy.”

The all natural detoxifying tea claims to help reduce bloating and boost your energy, while remaining gentle on your body and keeping you hydrated. It doesn’t appear that Hudgens is in need of these tummy flattening properties though, as her photo shows off her already tight midriff. Read on to discover how the Beastly actress achieved her long and lean look.

Vanessa Hudgens’ Fitness

Hudgens already has a body to inspire envy without the help of her detox tea. Through healthy eating and exercise, she’s kept herself in shape and toned, looking just as great as she did 11 years ago when she starred in the tween classic High School Musical. To stay in shape, she follows a mostly protein-based diet that provides her with fuel for the day and keeps her full. Hudgens likes to eat five small, protein-filled meals a day to keep her metabolism running. A typical day would start with an egg white omelet and fruit, oatmeal, and almonds. This balanced meal gives her plenty of protein, healthy fats, and carbs to start her day off right. A mid-morning snack of yogurt will follow to keep her satisfied and ward off cravings. Lunch is often a salad with some sort of lean protein like chicken or fish. She also includes a mid-day snack of fruit to satisfy her sweet tooth in a healthy and natural way. Finally, dinners are quite similar to lunch, as she enjoys salads with grilled salmon. Each of these meals provides her with important vitamins and nutrients such as fiber and protein, which help to keep her metabolism functioning as well as provide her with energy.

While her diet is exemplary now, it wasn’t always. Back in her High School Musical days, Hudgens admitted to living off of junk food like ice cream and microwave dinners and avoiding the vegetables that she now eats regularly. She made the switch to healthy eating after returning to the High School Musical Live tour and realizing her costumes were fitting tighter. Hudgens finds eating right has more value than just losing weight, asserting that eating well-balanced and healthy meals has made her feel better physically and mentally.

In terms of her workouts, Hudgens is a huge fan of Pilates, spin classes, and yoga and likes to workout with a partner to keep her motivated. She even partakes in cardio kickboxing classes with her mother, as the two support and drive one another. Again, she finds value in exercise as more of a means to losing weight, stressing that hitting the gym regularly leaves her with more energy and feeling good both inside and out.

While Vanessa Hudgens is promoting Flat Tummy Tea, she has already achieved the product’s desired results through eating right and exercising regularly. There is no quick fix that can replicate the results of changing to a healthier lifestyle, but perhaps this tea will serve as a boost to help detoxify consumers’ bodies and provide some extra energy.


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