Victoria’s Secret Models Adriana Lima, Izabel Goulart and Lais Ribeiro Share Butt Workout Secrets

Adriana Lima
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Victoria’s Secret models are known for looking flawless in lingerie many women can’t even imagine wearing, and having a perfectly toned butt is an absolute must because it is constantly on display, whether on the catwalk, in print, or online.

Three Victoria Secret’s models, Adriana Lima, Izabel Goulart, and Lais Ribeiro, share the workouts that help get them the shapely butts they are known for. So what exactly does one need to do for a butt workout in particular?

Whatever exercise they choose to achieve a toned butt, the three things that matter most are hard work, exercise, and, of course, good genes. Some models might wake up looking like they do, but for the most part, these Angels have to work on their figures as much as the rest of us do.

Adriana Lima’s Secret

This model has one belief, and it’s that the only way to get a good looking butt is to actually get off your butt. Sounds like reasonable advice. Lima, 35, says that getting a tight backside is all about doing power squats, burpees, and running.

Squats are a fantastic all-over body workout and definitely target the glutes, so doing a few sets of squats every day will definitely do the trick.

Lima says she also loves walking as much as possible, because a combination of movements is needed to “keep it lifted.” The body plateaus after a while of doing a certain exercise anyway, so mixing up workouts is a perfect way to avoid this and always keep the muscles engaged and working hard. Her secret to getting the iconic Brazilian butt is to keep moving.

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Iza Goulart’s Secret to a Toned Behind

Goulart, 31, doesn’t mess around when it comes to fitness and keeping her butt firm. And she can’t be anything but dedicated to the cause because her career literally rests on how good she looks in a pair of lace underwear.

The model dedicates an hour every day to her workouts, regardless of where in the world she is. Because she travels so much, she doesn’t have the benefit of working with a trainer (something she would love), so she has trained herself.

Her workouts are as high intensity as possible, but that doesn’t mean she makes them boring. She keeps them fun so she stays engaged. She also loves to do power squats, something she calls butt-blaster lunges, and uses her #BodyByIza resistance band. The bands, she says, makes the basic exercises far more effective.

Lais Ribeiro Loves to Mix Things Up

Ribeiro, 25, finds that mixing up her exercises is the best way for her to achieve her sculpted behind and says that, without a doubt, Pilates is the best way to tone your backside. Squats, not surprisingly, are also on her must-do list of activities for a great butt. She admits they aren’t fun to do but that they are effective.

The model says she walks a lot in her home city of New York and that the constant movement is great exercise for the butt and entire body. She also enjoys Body by Simone classes (a dance cardio workout that Taylor Swift enjoys too) because she can get in some butt toning while dancing and having fun.

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