Victoria’s Secret’s Angel Adriana Lima Enjoys Coffee at Mykonos but Sticks to Water before Shows

Adriana Lima

Victoria’s Secret model Adriana Lima is lean and in shape, but that doesn’t stop her from enjoying the occasional chilled coffee while vacationing in spots like Mykonos.

Lima posted a recent pic to her Instagram of a cold coffee beverage she enjoyed while vacationing in Mykonos, and it doesn’t look like your ordinary cup of Joe. Lima’s drink looks like it’s loaded with a lot of cream and other unhealthy choices.


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Adriana Lima’s Diet

Of course, she doesn’t indulge like this all the time. To get in shape for her photoshoots and runway shows, Lima follows an intense diet, one that’s so strict it sometimes borders on unhealthy. For example, nine days before appearing in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, Lima stopped eating all solid foods. Instead, she only consumed liquids, including a lot of water. Then, 12 hours before the show, Lima stopped drinking even water.

While some experts say that doing this type of diet for a short period of time may not be too harmful, it’s still considered unhealthy and can have dangerous effects. Eliminating solid foods can also mean getting fewer nutrients.

However, the one aspect of Adriana Lima’s diet plan that can inspire others is staying hydrated and drinking lots of water. Drinking water can help keep us fuller, prevent overeating and assist in losing weight. As well, staying hydrated is important when exercising.

Lima performs intense physical exercises to stay in shape. She uses a combination of boxing, jump rope, and body exercises to shed pounds and keep her figure lean. To lose her baby weight after giving birth, Lima actually worked out twice a day seven days a week for a five-week stretch. Talk about intense!

For her diet, Lima cut out sugar, sodium, and processed foods, opting instead for lean meats and nutrient-rich vegetables. She also tried to eat more raw foods.

So if you want to get in shape like Adriana Lima and get a Victoria’s Secret body, drink more water and focus on eating less processed foods. Then the next time you’re in Mykonos, you can treat yourself with a sweet and creamy coffee the way she did!

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