Walking after Gigi Hadid, Josephine Skriver Has Wardrobe Malfunction in VS Fashion Show 2016, but VS Angel Was Confident

Josephine Skriver Wardrobe Malfunction
Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty

Who else is excited to catch Gigi Hadid and Josephine Skriver in the Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2016 on December 5th? Some juicy gossip for you: apparently there was a little wardrobe malfunction.

That’s right, Skriver had a small incident walking after Hadid but the good thing is that she endured it confidently. That’s all she can really do; the show must go on after all. Regardless, this show is going to be amazing. Let’s find out how the stunning Josephine Skriver stays fit.

Josephine Skriver on Fitness

The stunning Danish model known as Josephine Skriver embraces a healthy and active lifestyle, and it comes naturally to her.

Since she was a child, Skriver had an affinity for being active. Nowadays, she maintains her fitness by doing fun exercises and going to the gym every day. Skriver likes to incorporate as much variety into her gym workouts as possible, which keeps her exercise routine exciting.

One of her favorite places to go is called Dogpound in NYC, and the reason she loves it so much is because she gets to do different exercises there. She performs both weightlifting and boxing there. She describes the atmosphere there is very much like boot camp.

She loves the variety because it keeps her motivated. Skriver also loves outdoor exercises like hiking, biking and going into nature. Spending time in nature is also a great way to ground oneself and connect spiritually, which is good for mental health.

Josephine Skriver also performs many of her workouts with fellow VS Angel Jasmine Tookes. The two stunning models keep motivated with this buddy system.

When one doesn’t really feel like going to the gym, the other will encourage her and end up turning the workout into a lot of fun so it feels less like a chore. Together, they like to work their biceps and triceps so they can keep their arms toned and strong.

When it comes to her diet, Skriver simply doesn’t believe in dieting. She just sticks to a healthy lifestyle by choosing and eating the right foods for her body. She loves protein, and most of her meals include it. She also believes in finding what individually works for her and sticking to it.

What might work for one person could be really awful for another. What the model might be saying is that choosing and sticking with foods that make you feel good inside is your best bet instead of following fad diets just because they are popular. She is also a huge believer in portion control or eating everything in moderation. Some of her favorite snacks include fruits and nuts because they are portable and easy to bring along anywhere.

One of her guilty pleasures is chocolate, which doesn’t come as a surprise. Of course, she doesn’t eat it on the regular, only as a treat on occasion. It’s good to balance healthy eating with the occasional cheat just to be realistic.

No one can eat perfectly 100% of the time, but Skriver seems to do a great job—her body really is the epitome of perfection. We can’t wait to watch the VS fashion show!


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