Weight Conscious Jonah Hill Lunches with Andrew Garfield to Celebrate Golden Globe Nomination for ‘War Dogs’

Jonah Hill
Credit: Thos Robinson / Stringer/Getty

Jonah Hill was seen enjoying lunch with Andrew Garfield soon after their Golden Globe nominations were announced.

This is the second nomination for both actors, so they had plenty to celebrate. The two were spotted dressed casually and were laughing and smiling – who wouldn’t be smiling after receiving a Golden Globe nom?

Jonah Hill has had some busy years, playing a variety of roles. With all these characters came many body transformations, and fans have witnessed Hill transform himself time and time again.

Well, there may be another big body transformation in Hill’s future as there are rumors of a sequel of The Rundown, which would team up Hill with Dwayne Johnson. There have been reports that Hill has reached out to Johnson in regards to workout advice, and we all know no one is more dedicated to workouts than The Rock himself.

Although the sequel isn’t confirmed, it seems the producer is really pushing for Hill to join the team; so we will have to wait and see what transpires.

Jonah Hill Diet and Workout

As mentioned, Hill has managed to transform his body repeatedly, enduring a high level of weight loss. The once very overweight comedian has now embarked on more serious roles, and to fulfill them, he adopted a strict diet to lose weight.

His biggest transformation was in 2015, when Hill revealed an amazing 40-pound weight loss. The transformation came with the help of The Rock along with a personal trainer. Johnson’s advice for Hill was to better control external factors to get in shape; he also hooked up Hill with the best trainer he knows.

Once set up with a trainer, Hill was dedicated to clean eating along with regular exercise. Some of his changes included eliminating donuts for breakfast, eliminating coffee and energy drinks, and no longer partaking in late night drinking followed by binge eating.

Andrew Garfield Diet and Workout

Garfield, on the other hand, is quite lean, but this was problematic when he had to put on the Spiderman suit. For his role as Spiderman, Garfield had to add on some weight and become quite agile.

Although Garfield doesn’t typically follow any one diet while training for Spiderman, he swapped out the junk food for healthier food options. Furthermore, in order to look his best in a skin-tight body suit, Garfield had his calories monitored and upped his use of supplements.

To train like Spiderman, Garfield teamed up with trainer Armando Alarcon and followed a very intense and disciplined workout regime.

Both Jonah Hill and Andrew Garfield have much on their plates – Hill is filming a TV series and Garfield a few movies. With such busy lives, it can be difficult to adhere to healthy living; but both actors manage to look their best and transform themselves time and again for their respective acting roles.

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