What Are Elena Duggan & Matt Sinclair, Finalists of “MasterChef Australia” Season 8 up To?

MasterChef Australia Season 8 Dishes
Photo Credit: Instagram @masterchefau

Elena Duggan and Matt Sinclair were the MasterChef Australia Season 8 finalists. While Elena Duggan won season 8 of MasterChef Australia, Matt Sinclair settled for the runner-up position. So, what are the season 8 finalists doing these days?

Elena Duggan Shares Dishes on Instagram, Supports #FebFast

Elena Duggan has been busy on social media. Duggan has been quite active on Instagram, sharing her innovative recipes. Check out this deliciously healthy lunch.

The MasterChef Australia finalist is an aficionado of healthy food. She has been devoting much of her time and energy creating tasty cuisines with ingredients that retain their nutritional value. She shares sugar-free, gluten-free, and nut-free recipes with her fans. Here is a recent post on Instagram of a healthy breakfast she prepared.

The health-conscious chef is currently supporting and promoting #FebFast on Instagram. Here is one of her posts showing her support. She captioned it, “ I NEED YOU! I’m giving up sugar for February in support of #FebFast @febfastaus I’ve set myself a personal goal of raising 100hours of Youth Support and Advocacy and with your help, I can reach it! I’ll be sharing plenty of sugar-free recipes and my journey here!”

#FebFast is a noble campaign started by the Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS) to extend help to the less privileged youth of Australia. The campaign requires supporters to give up alcohol, sugar or anything of their choice for the month of February, then register on the web site to take on the challenge and raise vital funds to support disadvantaged young Australians.

Now, there’s a chef with a noble heart. Way to go Elena!

Matt Sinclair’s “Ten Piece Cutlery”

Meanwhile, equally talented Matt Sinclair is getting ahead with his business venture. The 28-year old blue-eyed chef from Queensland is busy this Valentine’s week. Recently, Sinclair took to Instagram to show off his culinary skills. Check out this Valentine’s Day hotcake recipe to be featured in Sunshine Coast Daily magazine.

Matt Sinclair has opened his own business venture called Ten Piece Cutlery at Brisbane’s Eat Street Markets offering Asian-inspired street food from a permanently-parked food truck. Sinclair eventually plans to expand his venture into a catering business. In addition to Asian cuisine, some of the other food items available on the menu are soft shell crab burger, pork belly tacos, and short ribs braised in master stock.

Both MasterChef Australia season 8 finalists have been busy with their post-show ventures. We wish Elena Duggan and Matt Sinclair the best of luck in all of their future endeavors.