What Does Earl Grey Tea Taste Like?

What Does Earl Grey Tea Taste Like

Earl Grey tea is a type or blend of tea that is flavored with the oil of bergamots. This tea has quite a historical background, which dates back to 1830s. It is named after the British Prime Minister Charles Grey (2nd Earl Grey). The legend says that this tea was presented to him by a Chinese mandarin, or bureaucrat scholar, as Grey’s men rescued his son. However, this is just a tale or folklore. So, what does Earl Grey tea taste like? Let’s find out more about this tea.

What Does Earl Grey Tea Actually Taste Like?

Since the tea has oil of bergamot oranges, it has a citrus aroma and a strong flavor. This hot cup of tea in the morning refreshes you to start your day, although it may not have the kick of a coffee.

Is Earl Grey black tea? Yes, primarily it is black tea and actually has many health benefits. Nowadays, however, many tea manufacturers make it in green and oolong varieties as well.

How to Prepare Earl Grey Tea for Better Taste

Take a cup of cold water in a glass or steel kettle. Heat the water just below the boiling point. Just when the water is about to boil, turn off the heat. Warm up your mug so that the temperature while steeping remains consistent.

Pour a little hot water into the mug, shake the mug, and throw away the water. This will make the mug warm.

Now, add Earl Grey tea into the hot water. If you have loose tea, one teaspoon of the tea for a cup of six ounces is good enough.

If you have a teabag, steep it for three to five minutes. Add sugar to taste and a slice of lemon. The tea has a strong flavor and looks brown in color. You can add milk instead of lemon. It tastes great!

Earl Grey Tea vs. English Breakfast Tea

Both Earl Grey and English Breakfast are types of black tea but are different in some aspects. Earl Black tea is blended with bergamot oil and has a citrus flavor. It mostly has a Chinese base.

The English Breakfast tea is rich in taste and aroma. It has a slightly floral undertone. It is a blend of Kenyan, Ceylon, and Assam teas.

You can have both of these teas with or without milk and sugar. You can have them with lemon as well.

Health Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

Now that we know what Earl Grey tea tastes like, let us learn several benefits of having this tea. Earl Grey tea provides some health benefits, specific to the blend:

1. Dental health:

Earl Grey tea contains fluoride, which is good for the teeth. Fluoride helps prevent cavities and tooth decay.

2. Mental health:

Earl Gray tea is good for people fighting anxiety and depression. The blend of bergamot oranges in this tea is known to calm the mind and boost good mood.

3. Weight loss:

Drinking this tea may help with weight loss, primarily due to the citrus fruit extracts.

Citrus fruits help boost metabolism. Additionally, if you squeeze some lemon juice in your tea, it may further help with calorie breakdown.

4. Digestion:

Consuming Earl Grey tea may aid the digestion process. Traditionally, it has been used to settle stomach issues, nausea, and inflammation.

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It may help reduce constipation and bloating. The tea has antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

Apart from boosting energy levels and immunity, this tea may also aid in preventing heart disease and certain types of cancers. More research is required in these areas.

Side Effects of Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey tea possibly has some side effects. After drinking this tea over a period of time, some people may become photosensitive and prone to sunburn.

Drinking this tea in excess may cause muscle cramps. Also, the citrus blend in this tea may interfere with certain medications. Be sure to consult your doctor before making this tea a part of your daily diet.

Final Word on Earl Grey Tea

Now that we’ve answered the question, What does Earl Grey tea taste like? and learned more about its health benefits, we can include it in our daily diet at least on some days of the week. After all, who would not want to have a tea that is not only refreshing and energizing but also has so many health benefits?

However, if you are on medication or experience any symptoms after drinking this tea, consult your doctor.

You can have it with milk or lemon juice, but if you start your day with this tea, you will definitely feel energetic, positive, and fresh throughout the day. Daily exercise and a balanced diet, along with this tea, will go a long way in maintaining good health and a good life.


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