X-Men Star Jennifer Lawrence Switches to Healthy Lifestyle, Parents Concerned About Unhealthy Ways

Jennifer Lawrence
Photo Credit: Kiera Fyles

X-Men star Jennifer Lawrence is making strides towards a healthy lifestyle these days with the help of her parents. Both Lawrence’s mother and father are worried about their 26-year-old Academy award winning daughter, because they feel her lifestyle choices could be better.

Two weeks ago, Lawrence posted a picture on her Instagram account of her with her parents in Malibu.

Jennifer Lawrence with her parents in Malibu on Sunday! (28/08) #JenniferLawrence

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Karen and Gary Lawrence want Jennifer Lawrence to give up drinking alcohol, and to slow down on her partying lifestyle. They also want her to quit eating junk food and make better food choices.

Jennifer Lawrence seems to be listening to her parents’ advice and is said to be undergoing a rigorous detox, all while keeping a low profile.

The star is developing a proper diet plan. The Joy actress has pretty much become vegan, though with some difficulty, as a result of her parents help; she’s even stopped drinking and partying, and has begun taking long hikes instead. She is also working towards developing a healthy lifestyle that she can follow long-term.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Movie Workout

For her roles in both The Hunger Games and X-Men, Jennifer Lawrence had to be fit and toned, because she wore some very tight costumes that revealed every inch of her body.

Not only that, the star had to stay fit so that she could do the required stunts for the role of Katniss in The Hunger Games series. In order to keep her body in top physical condition, Lawrence follows a strict workout routine that focuses on weight loss, as well as building and toning muscles.

The first rule of the workout plan prepared for Lawrence was to break up her exercise throughout the day, as opposed to working out for hours at a time. Bursts of activity that lasted from 20 to 30 minutes were the focus, because it would help keep her motivated throughout the day.

Either a walk or a morning jog were the first activities, and then high-intensity interval training (HIIT) circuits were done throughout the rest of the day.

Jennifer Lawrence

Photo Credit: Kiera Fyles

Weightlifting itself was never part of the focus for Lawrence, but rather bodyweight exercises, like squats, pushups, and planks, were done to help tone and develop muscle without adding bulk.

Lawrence also loves to do yoga, and does it regularly. She finds it helps keep her flexible and limber, making the stunts she does easier. Her trainer has said that Lawrence would request a yoga routine after several hard workouts so she could allow her body to rest.

Lawrence is known for indulging in foods that most celebrities would never be caught eating: pizza, fries, and other junk food. Her hard training routines that she has to do for her movies have probably made it possible for her to be able to eat these foods and not really suffer the typical consequences.

But thanks to her parents, it seems Lawrence is making strides towards a permanently healthy lifestyle that includes healthy food and regular exercise.

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