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Mat Lecompte

It’s hard to know how to get somewhere if you’ve never been there yourself. Five years ago, Mat Lecompte was 175 pounds and carrying around 20% body fat. By tweaking his diet, he was able to alter his body composition and greatly increase his lean body mass while dropping 10 pounds and bringing his body fat to under nine percent.

Based on personal experience, Mat has learned the ins and outs of nutrition to help himself and others reach their goals. He understands the challenges and confusion most people experience when it comes to eating and is eager to help. Whether you’re struggling with weight management, want to improve how you feel, or boost performance, Mat’s personal experience can help you get on the right track.

Mat brings seven years of writing experience to the team. His articles on nutrition and fitness have been published in national newspapers and appeared internationally. Changing your life with nutrition is possible, but it’s always easier with someone to help you along the way.