Jennifer Lopez: Height, Weight, Body Statistics 1970-01-01T00:00:00ZGuadalupe Rodriguez (Mother), David Lopez (Father)5’5”, (165 cm)59 kilograms , (130 lbs)Casper Smart, (Boyfriend)Singer

Jennifer Lopez: Height, Weight, Body Statistics

Jennifer Lopez
(Jennifer Lynn Lopez)
Guadalupe Rodriguez (Mother)
David Lopez (Father)
(165 cm)
59 kilograms
(130 lbs)
37-27-37 in
(94-68.5-94 cm)

Her perfect body structure. Then comes her singing, dancing and acting. She also got popularity because of her high profile relationships.

Casper Smart
Dance, Glutes exercise
David Kirsch
Vegan Diet

For Jennifer Lopez, or J. Lo, age is only a number. Her age may be 47, but that hasn’t stopped the A-list Latin singer and actress from showing off her incredible body and toned abs on a recent cover of Your Fitness magazine.

J. Lo revealed that she loves to exercise despite her busy schedule. Although Lopez breaks a sweat at the gym, she says that her overall healthy lifestyle is the key to her health and amazing body as she nears 50.

The former American Idol judge keeps her body well hydrated and rested after a workout and fuels her body with healthy foods and a protein-rich diet. She also makes it a priority to get eight hours of sleep each night.

On top of her busy life as an actress, singer and mom, Jennifer Lopez is also a little bit of a fitness guru. Lopez recently became the face of lifestyle brand BodyLab and also launched a website with the company that provides recipes, fitness products, and workouts for women.

As a dancer, it is also important for Jennifer Lopez to be in shape. She admitted on The View earlier this year that when her weight fluctuates she can feel it due to her dance background. J. Lo works out with Tracy Anderson in Los Angeles.

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