7 of the Best Almost Zero Calorie Foods to Help You Snack Your Way to Slim

7 of the Best Almost Zero Calorie Foods to Help You Snack Your Way to Slim
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The start of a new year often brings on new goals and resolutions in regards to personal health and fitness. As the month wears on, sometimes resolve begins to wane and it becomes harder to stick to healthy goals. To help you stay on track, we’ve compiled a list of seven almost zero calorie foods that can help you snack your way to slim.

Healthy Foods for Snacking

Try enjoying one of these five healthy snacks next time you’re feeling peckish to help you stay on track and achieve your dietary goals.


This light green vegetable clocks in at only 16 calories per 100 gram serving, making it a great substitute for when you’re craving a crunchy snack like potato chips. Bear in mind that adding spreads like peanut butter or cream cheese ups these calories significantly, so be careful if you prefer to top your stalks.


Not only is this vegetable known for helping you lose weight, the leafy heads are also linked with health benefits like the prevention of cancer and heart disease. Try making a cabbage soup instead of the higher calorie chicken noodle or tomato to warm you on a cold day, as the veggie contains just 25 calories per 100 gram serving.


Cauliflower also comes with a variety of health benefits that you may not be aware of. It is an anti-inflammatory food, meaning it can fight the inflammation that occurs throughout the body and, in turn, prevent some of the diseases caused by it. Cauliflower is also great for your cardiovascular and digestives systems, packing an assortment of health benefits into just 25 calories per 100 grams. Try following a recipe for mashed cauliflower and substitute it for the starchier mashed potatoes often featured as a side dish.


These lycopene-rich fruits (yes, fruits) are a great addition to almost any meal and contain just 17 calories per 100 gram serving. Enjoy some low-calorie tomato slices and feel good knowing that you’re helping your body prevent cancer and reducing your risk of heart disease. Delicious!


Your mom always told you to eat your broccoli and for good reason. This dark green veggie is full of vitamins and nutrients that help fight cancer. Broccoli also contains fiber to help your digestive system and even some protein that helps keep you full and aids in muscle recovery after workouts. The best part? It’s only 34 calories per 100 gram serving.


Bugs Bunny’s favorite snack should be one of yours too. Chock full of vitamin A, carrots are great for keeping your eyes healthy and improving your eye sight while offering a satisfying crunch if eaten raw. Their sweet taste is a great way to satisfy a craving without feeling guilty, as they are only 41 calories per 100 grams.


This picnic favorite is a great choice when you’re looking to cool down on a hot day. Instead of grabbing a sugary frozen treat, munch on some cool watermelon and savor the sweet flavor content with the knowledge that it contains only 30 calories per 100 gram serving. Sweet!

Stick to your resolution this year and snack your way to slim by picking one of these great low-calorie, but high-nutrient options.


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