Actress Lea Michele, 30, Shares Workout and Healthy Food Plan to Stay Fit

Lea Michele
Photo credit: Photo Image Press/ Splash

Actress Lea Michele just turned 30—who would have thought, she looks beautiful and young! The Glee star doesn’t look her age, and it probably has to do with her regular fitness routine and healthy diet.

Michele is an avid SoulCycle enthusiast, and just recently, she posted a picture of herself on the bike to her Instagram. She noted that getting back into SoulCycle is the perfect way to begin her 30s.

Michele has also recently worked with People magazine to share some of her favorite foods and recipes. In another Instagram post, Michele ends her day with yoga; as you can see, the actress really has adopted a healthy lifestyle.

Lea Michele Stays Fit at 30

Want to work out like Michele? Then you’ve got to jump on a bike and try SoulCycle, which the actress is addicted to. It combines cycling with core work to create a total body workout. Her main necessities when it comes to SoulCycle include the right outfit, the right stuff in her gym bag, and of course, the right food and nutrition.

When it comes to wardrobe, Michele likes tight-fitting sports bras and high-waisted yoga pants. Since you can really work up a sweat during the class, wearing loose outfits and clothing that doesn’t pull the sweat away from the body can leave you feeling uncomfortable and overheated.

Post-SoulCycle workout, Michele will often venture to a farmer’s market for local produce. She has admitted that she’s currently into large salads for lunch—she will pick a theme for the day and create a salad around that theme. It’s always important to refuel yourself after a workout so that you can nourish your body.

Along with SoulCycle, Michele has other favorite exercises including interval training, which includes 20–30 minutes of intense exercise, yoga to de-stress and stay flexible, weight training with resistance bands or medicine balls, outdoor workouts, and even iPhone apps that provide custom workouts when she’s on the go.

As for her diet, Michele has been known to alternate between vegan and non-vegan eating. Michele has noted that sticking with a vegan diet, though, often provides her with more energy. You won’t see Michele embarking on a fad diet or crash diet, as she doesn’t believe in starving her body. Food is fuel and she knows how to eat in order to continuously fuel her body.

Lea Michele continues to look amazing, and it’s largely credited to her ability to stick with a healthy lifestyle. Even though she is busy on set, she manages to stick with her workouts and eat well in order to nourish her body and keep her looking beautiful.

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