Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Victoria’s Secret Angels at 35 Stay in Shape for VS Fashion Show 2016

Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio, Victoria’s Secret Angels at 35 Stay in Shape for VS Fashion Show 2016
Credit: Pascal Le Segretain / Staff / Getty

Victoria’s Secret Angels Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima are looking incredible, even at the age of 35. Both vixens walked the runway for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016, which airs on December 5. Until then, let’s take a look at how each of these ladies stays in shape.

Adriana Lima Shares Top Five Fitness Moves

There are millions of people around the world who envy the lives of the Victoria’s Secret models. Not just anyone gets to head to Paris for a fashion show, or lives their life in the public eye, but these ladies know a thing or two about that. They also know about the determination it takes to build and maintain a toned and athletic figure.

Brazilian model and actress Adriana Lima is a face you will recognize. In fact, she is an iconic figure to many. Her sultry looks and striking eyes make her unforgettable. So, what is the workout that gets her in runway shape? Well, before jumping into details, you may care to know that Lima, who is just 35-years-old, is a VS runway veteran. The December 5 show marks the fifteenth time that she has graced the runway. She has also rocked the glamorous Fantasy Bra three times.

What has kept her looking fine, fit, and flawless is help from her personal trainer Michael Olajide, who creates custom workouts just for her. Lima recently revealed her top five training moves to Vogue magazine, and they might surprise you.

Coming in at number one is boxing. Adriana Lima loves to box, and this helps her keep toned arms with the boxing jab moves. Another favorite training move is squats. How do you think Lima manages to get such lean legs: multiple reps of thigh burning squats, of course. Next up is core twists. This move may be Lima’s secret to her chiselled and flat tummy. All the definition in her abs is from core twists. Lima is also a fan of working her obliques. She likes to do side-crunch isolation exercises. Finally, a big key to her body success is through stretching. By rewarding her body’s hard work, Lima releases built up lactic acid by stretching.

Alessandra Ambrosio Diet and Workout Regimen

Alessandra Ambrosio is another one of Victoria’s Secrets most iconic models. She is beyond beautiful, and her body is lean, fit, and toned. One of her greatest assets—no pun intended—is her derriere. Ambrosio likes to keep her booty toned by working on butt exercises.

She works with elastic bands while performing cardio and Brazilian dance, which helps shape her behind. She also practices a form of Brazilian martial arts that combines both music and dance. This is called Capoeira. This exercise specifically makes the buttocks fuller and rounder. It’s all about the booty!

Alessandra Ambrosio follows a healthy and balanced diet. She enjoys eating a breakfast of bacon and eggs. She likes her eggs all different ways, like scrambled, fried, or even benedict. She is not the kind of model that removes carbohydrates from her diet completely. She still eats them in the form of bread, bagels, muffins, and sandwiches. She also enjoys fresh fruit. For lunch, Ambrosio prefers salads or sometimes chicken breast or filet mignon. She also eats vegetarian foods like beans and rice. She is a big fan of sushi and enjoys tuna rolls, California rolls, miso soup, and salad. When she is preparing for a photoshoot, she opts for a light lunch or snack.

For dinner, Ambrosio likes yummy dishes like lobster ravioli, Kalbi soup, different meats, mushrooms, and sweet potato. Sometimes for dessert she enjoys tiramisu or smores.


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