Albertsons’ Safeway Christmas Eve, Christmas Day 2016 Store Hours

Albertsons’ Safeway Christmas Eve, Christmas Day 2016 Store Hours
(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Oh, Christmas 2016 is really and truly around the corner now. Are you ready? There are so many last-minute shoppers, and not just for gifts, but food items too.

What with work, and kids, and schedules that keep so many people busy and pulled in all directions, it can be difficult to find the time to fit everything we need to get done in the mere 24 hours handed to us in a day.

Luckily for us, Albertsons’ Safeway is going to stay open just a wee bit longer than many other places, so last-minute shoppers unite and head there.

Safeway plans to stay open until 8 p.m. on Christmas Eve, which is a miracle for some people, especially if they have to work that day, or are just getting started on shopping for groceries and gifts. The food chain will also have some stores open on Christmas Day, but you need to check its web site to find out which stores will be operating on the 25th.

Some years we just aren’t prepared or organized, so having extended store hours is beyond helpful. Let the manager know you really appreciate it, and be sure to wish everyone a happy holiday because they are working so you can get your business in order.

Last-Minute Christmas Day Needs

These last few days before Christmas are a flurry of activity that includes shopping, gift wrapping, and baking. If you leave baking to the very last minute, including buying the ingredients, you might have to go with a plan B and even a plan C depending on what is left in the store. It is hard to predict which items will be in stock and which ones won’t.

Eggs, butter, granulated sugar, icing sugar, whipping cream, aluminum pans, and cookie decorating items are often the first things on people’s list so you may not get the brand you want or even the item itself.

But those items are standard fare so a quick run to a convenience store will likely yield the butter and whipping cream needed. It will just take some leg work and extra time.

There have been a number of articles circulating online about a whipped-cream shortage in the United States, but that’s not exactly true so fear not: there is enough whipping cream to go around. But that being said, it might not be on the shelves at your local Safeway because the store simply ran out.

And really, because it is so last minute, ditch the baking and buy some tins of Danish butter cookies (those are almost always in abundance) and call it a day. Spend the time with family instead because, after all, that is what the holidays are about.


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