Anti Aging Toronto Clinic Announces Move to a New Location in September

Anti Aging Toronto ClinicToronto, Canada, August 26, 2016 – The Anti Aging Toronto Clinic (, a Toronto-based provider of hair and skin restoration treatments, is announcing that it will be closing its current 1336 Avenue Road location. This is because the Clinic will be moving to a new, nearby location early this September.

“The reason the location change is necessary is to support the steady growth that the Clinic has benefited from for the past several years,” explains Silvia Derasner, medical esthetician and co-founder of the Anti Aging Toronto Clinic. “Our clientele base has expanded each year and the current humble, residential location is not going to be able to keep up with our growth much longer. While many fond memories—for both clients and staff—are attached to the building, it is time to move on.”

The new location, situated at 1936 Avenue Road, will be more visible thanks to its storefront positioning. As it is located on a popular part of Avenue Road, the new Anti Aging Toronto Clinic will be able to more actively engage people who are walking by and shopping in the area. The availability of a large rear parking lot, combined with street parking options, will also be an immense convenience to customers and staff alike.

“Another improvement the new location will deliver is space,” notes Derasner. “The Clinic has increased the number of treatments it offers since originally opening, and this has started to make certain areas more cramped than would be preferred. The new space has triple the room capacity, which lets us offer a private consultation room and a dedicated room for the popular platelet-rich plasma (PRP) treatment.”

The extra space of the new site also makes it easier for any future service expansions, such as adding IPL photofacials or hair-removal by electrolysis.

The Anti Aging Toronto Clinic is a Toronto-based skincare clinic. It has been a pioneer in implementing modern technological and clinical treatments as part of its goal to be the best skincare clinic in the city. More information can be found at