Ariana Grande’s MTV VMA 2016 Performance Reveals Her SoulCycle Fitness Workout

Ariana Grande
Photo Credit: ITM / Splash News

Did you catch Ariana Grande at the MTV VMAs 2016? Grande looked amazing alongside Nicki Minaj in a two-piece outfit. The singer began her performance with a SoulCycle spin class workout.

Grande isn’t the first to highlight the trendy workouts; in fact, many celebs are jumping on stationary bikes as their primary workout routine.

If you’re not familiar with SoulCycle, it’s a 45-minute spin class. The class involves a warm up high-intensity cardio and strength sessions and finishes with a cool down. There is also a short session of free weights during the class, which promotes itself as basically a party on bikes.

The room is dimly lit and the music is bumping. Riders complete push-ups on their bike handlebars along with other choreography for a full-body workout. For many, it kicks the traditional spin class up a few notches, transforming fitness rooms into nightclubs – and who wouldn’t want take their mind off exercise and just have a good time?

Aside from SoulCycle, Ariana Grande’s fitness routine, daily workout plan, and diet keep the songstress in great shape to keep her performances high energy.

Ariana Grande’s Fitness Plan and Diet

When it comes to Grande’s diet plan, the singer noticed a huge transformation by eliminating junk, processed, and animal-based foods – no donuts for this starlet! Before her diet transformation, Grande was obsessed with salmon and would eat it everyday.

She also consumed red meat, which is high in saturated fat. Unhealthy fats can contribute to high cholesterol and other heart problems. Now Grande follows a vegan diet and has been reaping the benefits of not only a slim figure, but glowing skin, too.

Ariana Grande

Photo Credit: ITM / Splash News

And this may come as a surprise to you, but Grande actually lives with hypoglycemia – low blood sugar. She found that making the appropriate changes to her diet allowed her to better manage her condition, all the while keeping her energy high.

As for Grande’s workout routine, she always makes sure she’s listening to some of her favorite tunes to make it a fun experience. But Grande doesn’t solely devote her time to the gym. The singer also enjoys long walks, especially when her dog is around. And – as you can probably tell – Grande loves to dance, which can be a great exercise in itself without feeling like one.

Ariana Grande’s VMAs performance was just a glimpse of how hard Grande works. The 23-year-old singer has some amazing vocal pipes, but she maintains them and her overall health by eating well and taking part in regular physical activity.

The take-away from Grande’s lifestyle is to have fun. Put on your favorite tunes for some fitness motivation and take part in activities you love. Your workout routine could consist of walks to your favorite places or dancing around to your ultimate party playlist. Sometimes not realizing that you’re burning calories is the easiest trick to losing weight. Maybe for your next workout routine, you can even pump up some Grande-Minaj collaboration to get you going!

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