Bella Hadid’s Diet: Yolanda Hadid’s Daughter Adds Ice Cream to Her Pizza Diet this Summer

Photo Credit: JENY / Splash News
Bella Hadid

Photo Credit: JENY / Splash News

Bella Hadid’s eating habits over the summer appear to be including ice cream as the model posted a pic of her enjoying the frozen treat on her Instagram account. Yolanda Hadid’s daughter is definitely not a starving model and often posts about her meals for the world to see.


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But what is Bella Hadid’s diet plan, exactly? Well for starters, Hadid has a serious love for pizza, but you can’t maintain a model figure on a pizza diet. Bella Hadid’s fitness plan must supplement her pizza consumption.

Bella Hadid’s Favorite Foods, Diet Plan, and Fitness Routine

Bella Hadid’s diet plan is actually not a plan at all. The model seems to enjoy any food she desires all while picking up new modeling campaigns—something must be working for her. When it comes to exercise, Hadid notes that she actually doesn’t really enjoy exercise that much, but she’s been known to exercise every day leading up to a photoshoot.

Although older sister Gigi is known to put in the hours at the gym with her trainer, Bella on the other hand is self-conscious and prefers solo workouts. She enjoys running, yoga, Pilates and taking strolls around New York City. Furthermore, Hadid does not follow a set workout routine but rather tries to work out when it’s convenient for her. She at least tries to get in 15 minutes of cardio a day.

Some of Hadid’s favorite foods include pizza, mac and cheese, burgers, and french fries, and she’s also known to be a fan of Diet Coke. Some of the junk foods Bella Hadid likes include hot Cheetos, to the point where she was upset about not being able to find them in airports. All of that doesn’t sound much like the stereotypical model diet, but it’s a good reminder that models are human beings just like anyone else and want to enjoy what they eat.

That said, Hadid acknowledges that she isn’t naturally thin, and sometimes her non-regulated diet leads to weight gain, so to help balance it all out, she enjoys green smoothies and takes the time to add some physical activity into her days. She’s also been known to reach for food as a form of comfort to combat her nervousness prior to a runway show, which could consist of grilled cheese and avocado toast.

Although Bella Hadid’s eating habits and fitness plans may not seem conventional, they definitely seem to be working for her. Whether she’s enjoying some of her favorite foods, Gigi Hadid’s sister still enjoys junk food when she can, all the while balancing it out with green juices and cardio sessions. She may not follow a strict diet, but she seems to be enjoying life, and as long as she’s looking after herself, she’ll be OK. And that’s a good lesson for anyone.

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