Bella Thorne Post-Tyler Posey, Charlie Puth: Has a New Woman Fallen for Her Stunning Body?

Bella Thorne Post-Tyler Posey, Charlie Puth: Has a New Woman Fallen for Her Stunning Body?
Credit: Christopher Polk / Staff/ Getty

Bella Thorne had a very active love life in 2016, from dating Tyler Posey to Charlie Puth, but will 2017 bring a new love interest of the female kind? The actress was spotted locking lips with friend Kyra Santoro on New Year’s Eve. Thorne also revealed a new hairdo that is quite the opposite look of her more traditional red locks – she opted for black – so clearly, there are changes going on in the young actress’s life.

Thorne admitted she was bisexual via Twitter earlier in 2016, so the Instragram photos are very quickly sparking rumors that Thorne has once again moved on in a quick fashion. On the other hand, Thorne may be taking a page out of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” songbook and the kiss actually doesn’t mean anything. Only time will tell which direction Thorne is going when it comes to her somewhat hectic love life.

Bella Thorne Workout

Although Thorne’s love life may be complicated, one thing in her life sure isn’t: her workouts. Thorne spends countless hours in the gym and her body really shows all of her hard work. Thorne enjoys Pilates, cycling, and hot yoga, along with plenty of ab exercises and weightlifting, which gives her an overall super-toned body.

When Thorne hits the gym she goes in with a purpose. For example, one day she may focus on core-strengthening exercise while other days she may focus on her upper body. For Thorne, the workout isn’t the only important aspect of her results. She takes the proper time to ensure she is stretching prior to her workouts and after to prevent injuries and further help her muscles.

When it comes to working out, Thorne utilizes the help of her brother, who is a trainer. She has admitted that he puts her through circuit training and weight lifting. She has said that she avoids cardio and that although many people believe that cardio burns more fat than weightlifting, for Thorne, it’s about building muscle through lifting weights as your muscles will become more toned that way.

While it seems that Thorne’s workouts are on track, her diet, on the other hand, may need some work. Thorne has taken to social media on numerous occasions to show off eating donuts or ice cream. In a previous interview with Us Weekly, Thorne explained, “What I eat is so unhealthy. People will order me salads at photo shoots, and it literally makes me laugh. I either want cheeseburgers with bacon and avocado, or I want pizza or hot dogs or chicken wings, which is my really big thing I’m into.” But it seems Thorne’s unhealthy eating is no match for all that working out she does. She has been seen sipping on green smoothies post-workout, so we suppose it’s all about balance.

Although Bella Thorne’s personal relationships may be filled with drama, you can’t deny that the actress is very dedicated to her workouts, and as a result, she looks incredibly fit.


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