Brad Pitt’s Fight Club Workout: Cardio, Weight Training, and Abs Exercises

Photo Credit: Jackson Lee / Splash News
Brad Pitt

Photo Credit: Jackson Lee / Splash News

Brad Pitt’s toned body in the cult classic movie Fight Club is still a representation of the ideal body that men inspire to have—and who can blame them?

At the time of filming, Pitt is reported to have had only five percent body fat and he maintained a lean—but muscular—mass. Even after all this time, guys are still searching the internet for Brad Pitt’s Fight Club workout.

Brad Pitt has had a huge impact on what’s thought of as the idealized man. Yes, the Thor’s of the world are loved as well, but a more attainable physique is the one Pitt worked hard for and displayed in Fight Club. The first rule to getting a Fight Club body is … well, hard work and dedication.

The Fight Club Workout Routine

So, what workout routine will result in Brad Pitt’s Fight Club body? Here are a few things that can get you on the right path.

First Rule of a Fight Club Workout Routine: Cardio

Let’s face it, Pitt was one ripped, lean man in the movie, and to achieve that look the number one exercise to do is cardio.

We recommend that you run for 40 minutes first thing in the morning on an empty stomach; or, focus on doing 20 to 25 minutes of high-intensity interval training later on in the day. You’ll get the best results when you mix the two.

Second Rule of a Fight Club Workout Routine: Weights

To get that lean body, you need to lift weights often and with some weight to them: if you don’t, you won’t sculpt that sought after boxer physique. Do three weight routines every week.

Third Rule of a Fight Club Workout Routine: Abs Workout

There is no Fight Club body without seriously defined oblique’s, and those cannot be achieved by doing run of the mill sit ups and crunches. The ‘V’ shape at the bottom of the abs is formed by doing rotating and bending exercises.

All kidding aside, Pilates is a great exercise for creating a strong core and sculpted abs.

The Fight Club Diet Routine

No proper fitness regimen is complete without an equally planned diet, and Pitt knew this when he prepped for the role all those years ago. Lowering his body weight was a must, so the father of six stuck to a high protein diet.

He ate six meals a day, which ensured his metabolism was always ready; his body always had a source of fuel—primarily protein—to turn to, leaving the body very little room to store fat.

Breakfast was usually oatmeal with raisins and six egg whites, followed by a mid-morning snack consisting of a tuna sandwich on whole wheat bread.

Around 2:00 p.m., Pitt would have lunch, which was brown rice or brown pasta with two chicken breasts and vegetables, followed by another snack around 4:00, which was typically a whey protein shake, protein bar, and banana.

And there’s more food if you can believe it! Dinner would come later, around 8:00, but before that he would have a post-workout snack at 6:00, the same as the snack above without the protein bar.

Dinner was grilled fish or chicken, pasta or brown rice, and salad, and then a final snack of whey protein around 10:00 p.m.

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