Cameron Diaz Enjoys Growing Tomatoes in the Summer

Cameron Diaz
Photo Credit: AR Photo/Splash News

If you think celebrities are spending their summer going out to fancy dinners or on extravagant vacations, you may be shocked to hear that Cameron Diaz is spending hers growing tomatoes.

Cameron Diaz has a new interest in healthy eating and living, having released two books on the topic (The Body Book and The Longevity Book). Recently, the star uploaded a picture to her Instagram of the tomatoes she is growing in her own garden.

Diaz is all about eating healthy foods in her diet, including vegetables. In her first book, The Body Book, she wrote about the importance of eating nutrient-dense foods. Not only can these foods help keep us looking younger, but they are important for our overall health.

For Diaz, tomatoes are just the tip of iceberg. She eats a wide variety of vegetables, including ones that aren’t too common in Western diets. In particular, she likes to create vegetable salads using chopped kale, mixed in with fresh avocado and tomato. She says that she eats avocados as they are a good source of healthy fats.

Diaz says that when she can’t eat fresh vegetables, frozen vegetables are a good source of nutrients. Frozen vegetables contain most – or even more – nutrients that are present in fresh vegetables. To add a bit of flavor, Diaz recommends adding garlic, olive oil, or onion.

Diaz also enjoys eating healthy grains. She says that mix of brown rice and quinoa with lentils is one of her basic staples. Not only does it taste great, but Diaz says that it can be easily made using a steamer. You can also spice up the dish by adding other vegetables and flavor enhancers (like garlic or spices).

So this summer, if you want to start eating healthy like Cameron Diaz, try adding more tomatoes, avocados, and other vegetables to your diet.

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