Comedian Ellen DeGeneres’ Fitness Secrets Include Crunches and Vegan Diet

Photo credit: London Entertainment/Splash News
Ellen DeGeneres

Photo credit: London Entertainment/Splash News

Funny lady Ellen DeGeneres is as fit as ever thanks to a fitness regime that includes crunches and a vegan diet. As the comedian pushes 60 (although she doesn’t look anywhere near it) she is trying to live a healthier lifestyle, which includes yoga among other healthy practices.

Let’s take a closer look at the fitness secrets to find out what keeps DeGeneres running her successful talk show.

Ellen DeGeneres’ Fitness Secrets

For starters, DeGeneres loves to dance, and she makes that quite obvious as she begins each one of her shows with a funky dance entrance. Dancing is a great form of exercise because it’s just downright fun! You don’t even realize that you’re exercising and improving your heart because you’re simply having too much fun jiving to the music.

DeGeneres also takes part in regular morning yoga – possibly to stay limber on the dancefloor? She began by performing power yoga but felt that it was too intense. She now practices either 60 to 90 minutes of more calming and relaxing yoga prior to the start of her hectic day.

Ellen DeGeneres

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DeGeneres, along with her wife Portia de Rossi, follows a strict vegan diet as she has a strong love for animals. Even though she previously was a lover of all things meat, she felt that eating animals was irresponsible of her. Since removing animal products from her diet, DeGeneres has found that she actually has more energy and it helps keep her going throughout her crazy day.

DeGeneres has also removed sugar from her diet. She told her audience that she wanted to remove sugar as a means to even gain more energy.

Lastly, DeGeneres is known to be quite funny, and making people laugh, and laughing yourself, truly is the best medicine. When we laugh, we are improving ourselves psychologically.

Furthermore, laughing allows more oxygen to reach our tissues, which can work to improve health. So even those funny cat videos you sneak in on your lunch could be working wonders on your health.

As you can see, Ellen DeGeneres doesn’t follow a crazy workout regimen, nor does she wear herself thin by hitting the gym seven days a week. Ellen is simply living and enjoying her life in healthy ways, all the while keeping us entertained.

Whether she’s performing yoga, crunches, or removing sugar from her diet, DeGeneres continues to live a healthy lifestyle as a means of keeping up and doing the things she loves the most.

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