Devin Brugman Looks Amazing in Black Bikini while in Miami during Vacation

Photo Credit: KDNPIX
Devin Brugman

Photo Credit: KDNPIX

Devin Brugman, co-founder of the A Bikini a Day blog, was recently photographed looking amazing in a black bikini while in Miami on vacation. To look that good, Brugman follows a low carb, salad-rich diet.

It’s no surprise that she was seen in a teeny bikini, as that’s what has basically brought her fame and 1.2 million Instagram followers—looks like there are lots of people out there who appreciate seeing Brugman in a bikini!

Devin Brugman’s Diet

So what does it take to look good in a bikini? Well, Brugman, along with her A Bikini a Day partner Natasha Oakley, mainly follows a low carb diet full of salads. Brugman and Oakley often travel between the West Coast and East Coast, and largely base their diets on where they are. For example, when on the West Coast, Brugman enjoys fruit smoothies and sushi, but when she jets to the East Coast, she enjoys a heartier menu consisting of granola, quinoa, corn, spinach, chicken, steak, and vegetables.

Devin Brugman believes in moderation when it comes to her diet, so along with her healthy, low carb eating plan (including salads), she partakes in yoga, boxing, and stretching: a perfect combination for a great bikini body. You can bet that wherever Brugman goes, whether it’s Miami or Australia, you will get a peek of her in a black bikini and more on her Instagram or her blog, A Bikini a Day.

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