Emma Roberts Flaunts Slim Figure with Evan Peters, Scream Queens Star Enjoys Organic Food after Workout Session with Ex

Emma Roberts
Photo credit: Mike Coppola / Staff/Getty

Emma Roberts, star of Scream Queens, was spotted with on-again off-again ex-boyfriend Evan Peters enjoying some organic food. The former American Horror Story actress revealed her slim figure in a black crop-top with leggings to match.

The 25-year-old has a fit body that has been sculpted by a healthy diet and regular Pilates.

Roberts recently took to her Instagram to reveal some of her workout secrets, one of which involves doing lots of side-planks.

To up the intensity, Roberts not only holds the side-plank but adds in a dip and a leg raise. This move not only engages the core, but also builds arm strength and tones the legs.

Side plank Saturday ?@andreaorbeck

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Emma Roberts Diet and Workout

Roberts has a pretty solid core, and you can see it during her Pilates workouts. Pilates not only improves strength, but also helps promote lean muscle, which is essential to keeping Roberts looking fit. As if the young star needs to worry about dieting—she clearly has good genes to help keep her looking great. But that’s the thing about exercise—it can keep you fit, but it also promotes overall wellness and maintains health.

Roberts sticks with Pilates because it suits her lifestyle, so she performs that on the regular. Roberts enjoys being active—she will often go for walks and performs cardio anytime she can. She hits up the gym to incorporate weights into her routine, which helps build muscle.

Even though Roberts is still young, she is aware that a poor diet now may come to haunt her in the future. She sticks with eating healthy foods instead of processed or junk food.

She primarily consumes organic food, which not only keep her fit but also promote health by preventing illness. Roberts is also known to consume plenty of water. Water helps flush toxins out of the body along with speeding up the metabolism.

But don’t think that Roberts never treats herself. She occasionally indulges in some of her favorites—like pizza—on the weekends.

It’s a good thing that Emma Roberts has started living a healthy lifestyle at such a young age. When she reaches her 40s, she’s bound to look as good as her aunt Julia.

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