Emma Watson’s Beauty and the Beast Featured on EW Cover: Harry Potter Star Looks Beautiful and Fit

Credit: Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty

When the new copy of EW hit newsstands, you might have been like, “hey, how is Emma Watson dancing with a cartoon?” Then you might have got a little bit excited (or not) about the upcoming live action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast.

But whatever your opinion is of the classic Disney fairytale, it’s possible that you might have noticed how small the Harry Potter star looked wrapped up in the arms of the beast—but make no mistake, Emma Watson’s fitness routine is beastly in it’s own right. She does intense workouts, sticks to a healthy diet, and keeps her overall fitness level very high.

Emma Works Out Hard

According to various reports, Watson likes to workout at high intensities multiple times a week. She’s been described as a gym rat, hitting the weights three times a week to keep her muscles strong and healthy, while participating in cycling and other high-intensity cardio activities. She also seems to lead an active lifestyle, enjoying the outdoors with hiking, walking, and even a little hockey. This is really the ideal way to stay fit—using a variety of techniques that focus on the three most important parts of health: strong muscles, a healthy heart, and happiness—and it’s the same whether you’re in London, New York, or Mumbai.

Now it’s tough to find accurate details of exactly how the Beauty and Beast star works out, but the truth is it doesn’t really matter. Fitness isn’t about what other people are doing; it’s about finding what works for you. So if you like going into the gym and lifting weights, doing boot camps in the park, or doing circuit training, then do it. Each is a great way to improve fitness and strength. Try to get a good split between cardio and weights, so do some form of strength training three times a week, and cardio another three times a week. Spend about 30–60 minutes a day and you’ll be doing your body plenty of good.

Tightening Up Your Diet

Watson follows a pretty basic dietary rule, and one that people all over the world follow when trying to lose or maintain weight: avoid sugar, processed foods, and refined carbs. Watson doesn’t really do anything secret to achieve her physique, but she has said she focuses her diet around healthy items like fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbs like whole grains, oats, and sweet potatoes.

In other words, it looks like she’s a perimeter shopper. If you want to tighten up your diet, a great strategy to adopt is to stick to the perimeter of the grocery store. All of the most nutritious items are typically found along the perimeter—fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grains, raw meats, eggs, and dairy—while the aisles are filled with empty calories. The aisles are where the processed foods and sugar-laden items tend to reside.

Forget About Beauty and the Beast

It’s also important to realize that Emma Watson has a small frame, which is entirely responsible for genetics. It’s not necessarily beautiful, and if you don’t look like her it doesn’t mean you’re a beast. Your appearance, fitness goals and health are specific to you, so try not to compare. Exercise and diet regimens are most successful when the goal is improved health, not looking like a celebrity.


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