Eva Longoria Manages to Stay Fit for Actress, Activist & Business Woman Roles with Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Eva Longoria Manages to Stay Fit for Actress, Activist & Business Woman Roles with Healthy Lifestyle Habits
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Actress, activist, and all-around business woman Eva Longoria manages to continue to look fit regardless of her busy lifestyle. Longoria manages to keep her size zero waist with elliptical running, organic foods, yoga, and above all, a well-deserved cheat day.

The actress recently stepped out in Beverly Hills to host her own event for the Eva Longoria Foundation. The actress wore a black see-through cut-out dress which really showed off her curves.

Eva Longoria Diet and Fitness

With such a petite frame, standing at only 5-foot-2, Longoria always manages to look super-fit with toned arms, flat tummy, and a sculpted figure. A lot of her figure may be attributed to her previous schooling. Longoria has a degree in kinesiology; and so, she is familiar with how the body works and how to manipulate it to achieve a certain look. This understanding of body mechanisms has aided Longoria in achieving her fit physique.

For her eating style, Longoria opts for organic food, which was basically instilled in her from childhood. Longoria was never big into junk food, fast-food, or processed food and was raised on fresh food instead.

With that being said, Longoria does give in to one cheat day a week, where she will indulge in a slice of pizza, or two. Other than that, Longoria is committed to healthy living and avoids sugars and carbs that can lead to unwanted weight gain.

When it comes to her exercise routine, Longoria enjoys sporty types of workouts such as soccer or basketball. Furthermore, to continue to achieve results and prevent boredom, Longoria will often switch up her exercise routine by partaking in running, hiking, swimming, yoga, and other sports activities.

When Longoria’s busy lifestyle takes over and she is unable to get to the gym, she will always find a way to go for a run.

Although Longoria has the knowledge of fitness and training – she was a fitness trainer prior to hitting Hollywood – she still often opts to work alongside a trainer. By doing so, Longoria can be held accountable for her results and adherence to the program that her trainer has set out for her.

Longoria works out about four times a week and much prefers compound exercises over cardio ones. Her warm-ups will include boxing, elliptical running, or jumping jacks, and she will follow that up with circuit training workouts that target different body groups. For example, she may have a leg circuit, arm circuit, and ab circuit that she will cycle through a few times.

Eva Longoria still looks fantastic at 41 years old, and it has much to do with her clean eating habits and dedication to working out. Even though Longoria is one of the busiest women in Hollywood running her own foundation and partaking in other activist work, she still manages to take the time to work on herself and maintain a healthy lifestyle.



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