Evangeline Lilly in Avenger 4: Ant-Man Star Looks Fit for New Wasp Role

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly is gearing up for her role as Wasp in the upcoming Avengers 4 movie. The Ant-Man actress is performing plenty of cardio, circuit training, and strength training exercises along with eating organic food.

Lilly is heavily dedicated to her workouts. She has said in interviews, “Your mind and soul are the kings of your physique way more than any exercise you do. I was a hardcore buff girl, but now I go on leisurely walks and swim. My body’s 10 times better.”

Lilly grew up being active, so working out now as an actress isn’t a chore, it’s something she thoroughly enjoys. She partook in soccer, weights, climbing, and skating. Although regular exercise helps Lilly achieve her figure, she does give plenty of credit to sleep for playing a huge part in how she looks and feels.

“Sleep is the number-one thing. When I don’t sleep enough, I look bloated, my hair gets flat, and my skin goes to pot. If you struggle with bloating, get some effing sleep,” Lilly added.

Evangeline Lilly Workout and Diet

Lilly doesn’t believe in diets and has admitted to eating a sweet treat at least once a day, whether that be chocolate or a cookie. She suggests that she does this so that she doesn’t go overboard in one day. The trick to Lilly’s diet isn’t so much about the food itself, but rather how she eats it. Lilly is known to be a slow eater, which is a helpful trick to fill you up faster.

You see many of us eat very quickly, and so we can pack in more food before our stomach sends the signal to the brain to indicate that it’s full. If you eat slowly, you will consume less because your stomach sends off the fullness signal based on the portion you did consume.

Lilly prefers organic food, and often eats raw food instead of cooked. She tries to maintain as much of the nutritional value of her food as possible, so this involves eating it raw or juicing it.

Although Lilly does not follow a set meal plan, she does recommend that we do eat as healthy as possible—while treating ourselves in moderation.

As for her workouts, Lilly exercises five times a week and focuses on cardio, uphill running circuit training, and strength training. She compliments her gym workouts with sports and outdoor activities including rock climbing, golfing, surfing, and snow boarding. As you can tell, Lilly enjoys being as active as possible—whether that comes from a structured workout in the gym or heading outdoors depends on her mood.

For her strength training exercises, Lilly uses resistance bands and bodyweight exercises—she incorporates some weightlifting too. Her muscles are lean and toned, which is a result of low weights and high repetitions—completing exercises for four or five rounds.

Lilly is a mother of two, and she wasn’t in much of a hurry to restore her pre-pregnancy body the first time around. She told the Chicago Sun times, “I don’t believe in this idea that you should have your body back two seconds after giving birth.” Furthermore, Lilly admitted that due to lack of breast milk production, she was unable to work out as well. “I hate that women put this pressure on themselves to be in perfect shape right after giving birth. What if it takes a year or two? It’s about YOU feeling healthy, so you can care for both yourself and your baby,” she added.

When it was time to get back into shape, Lilly followed the Jane Fonda workout videos along with regular jogging. Lilly has admitted that she does not employ the help of a personal trainer.

Evangeline Lilly’s workout and diet plan are pretty simply. Enjoy what you love in moderation; nourish your body with nutrients, and workout regularly.

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