Fantastic Four Star Kate Mara Follows Clean Eating Diet to Maintain Lean Figure

Photo Credit: Splash News
Kate Mara

Photo Credit: Splash News

Did you know Fantastic Four actress Kate Mara follows a clean eating diet?

She has starred in several films, including Brokeback Mountain and The Martian, and the television series American Horror Story: Murder House, Nip/Tuck and Everwood. Let’s find out how she stays fit.

The Kate Mara Diet

Kate Mara follows a strict vegan diet as her daily diet plan. A vegan diet consists of only plant-based foods; no animals or animal by-products are allowed. This was not an easy transition for the actress, who originally ate everything.

She admits that leaving cheese behind was tough, but she has managed to remove it from her diet completely. She also avoids processed foods with chemical additives, and her diet is low in calories.

The benefit of reducing processed food intake is less toxins in the body and a healthier immune system. Two perks of a vegan diet are increased energy and youthful looking skin. Science also proves that well-managed vegan diets (not the vegan junk food) also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. There is also much less saturated fat consumed from plant-based foods, which is great for trimming the waistline and keeping your heart healthy.

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Mara also prepares green juices and smoothies for herself that include kale, lemon and spinach. These healthy drinks aid the body in detoxifying itself and also boost metabolism. Another great benefit of green juices is all the vitamins and minerals contained in them.

Mara is on the right track to weight management and a healthy lifestyle with her daily diet plan of vegan foods and green smoothies. Even incorporating one day of vegan meals into your week is a great step toward a healthier lifestyle.

The Kate Mara Workout

A self-professed fitness fanatic, Kate Mara has shared her love of working out in multiple interviews. Although her exact workout routine is unknown, Mara enjoys doing “bar method” workouts when in Los Angeles. When on set and filming for a movie, she chooses running as her cardio workout.

When she’s hanging out at home, she will take her dog for a long walk or hit the treadmill. Mara also loves to dance and is apparently trained in jazz and ballet styles. She can dance for hours and this is a great and fun way to burn calories!

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Kata Mara is a striking woman and at 33 years old, she is in incredible shape. Whether in her movie roles or television appearances, she exudes confidence. Her fitness secrets include a fully vegan, clean-eating diet, with a focus on wholesome fruits and vegetables and plant-based sources of protein.

As a workout, she chooses to do cardio by running, jogging, treadmill or even dancing.

The Kate Mara diet is straightforward and simple and yields amazing results. If you want to try it, start with doing one day of cardio and one day of vegan meals and see how you feel each week – you may like it!

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