Fuller House Star Candace Cameron Bure Credits Vegan Diet, Workouts for Looking Gorgeous at 40

Photo Credit: Felipe Ramales / Splash News
Candace Cameron Bure

Photo Credit: Felipe Ramales / Splash News

Candace Cameron Bure is best known for her role as D.J. Tanner on the hit television show Full House and now its new Netflix revival, Fuller House.

Also a bestselling author, inspirational speaker, and host on The View, Bure follows a strict vegan diet and performs regular workouts to stay in shape.

Recently having turned 40, many people have asked her how she keeps in phenomenal shape and managed weight loss after having three kids.

Of course, the answer lies in diet and exercise (in her case, a vegan diet), which is the key to how most people, whether they’re celebrities or not, lose weight and keep it off. Candace Cameron Bure suffered from bulimia growing up and it wasn’t until six years ago that she dropped 22 pounds, keeping the weight at bay since.

The years working through her eating disorder were a nightmare, the Fuller House star says, and she simply didn’t know how to get away from it. Being a stay-at-home mom with three kids didn’t help her bulimia and it quickly got out of control, so much so that she felt she lost her identity. She turned to food for comfort when her husband was traveling for work and she was home alone with the kids.

These days the actress works out for an hour four to five times a week, with as much of an emphasis on weightlifting as cardio. She spends 25 minutes on weights and then 35 minutes on cardio, using a treadmill. In 2014, Candace Cameron Bure published a book called Balancing it All: My Story of Juggling Priorities and Purpose, which was the result of constantly being asked by other women how she managed to have three kids and be in better shape now than she was as a teenager. But manage it she did and the Fuller House star has done a stellar job of keeping a fit physique by keeping to a vegan diet and following daily workouts.

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