Hugh Jackman, the “Wolverine” From X-Men Follows Intense Workout with Early Morning Jogging

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Hugh Jackman

Photo Credit: Splash News

Hugh Jackman is probably best known for his role as ‘Wolverine’ in X-Men. Most recently, Hugh Jackman has been seen doing early morning jogging on Instagram, so it makes one wonder—what is Hugh Jackman’s intense workout plan?

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Hugh Jackman Workout Plan

Hugh Jackman’s workout plan and diet plan for Wolverine was pretty intense. Jackman had to eat a lot of food while prepping for this role (an estimated 5,000 calories per day). How could he consume this many calories without gaining fat?

Well, Jackman stuck to a dietary regimen where he fasted for 16 hours and would only eat during an eight-hour period. This is also known as intermittent fasting. There are many benefits to this method of dieting, including the following:

  • Better mental state
  • Increased growth hormone
  • Burning more fat and increasing muscle size

Jackman primarily followed a low-fat, low-carb diet. He consumed steamed chicken breast with no salt, steamed spinach and green beans. The majority of carbohydrates in Jackman’s meals came from vegetables and brown rice. He also drank protein shakes before and after his intense workouts.

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Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine diet might include foods like eggs, lean ham, lean turkey patties, walnuts, jams and preserves, whole wheat toast, tuna fish, broccoli and tomatoes. All meals would be spaced out and accompanied by drinking plenty of water and getting in workouts.

Hugh Jackman Running and Workout

The Hugh Jackman workout plan for Wolverine typically lasted for three hours. You can even catch Hugh Jackman’s workout videos for Wolverine here:

Jackman’s workouts with his trainer Mike Ryan typically involved different exercises in order to “shock” the body:

  • Every morning he began with a 10-minute cardio workout followed by weight lifting sessions with compound movements. Cardio included swimming, running and jogging on a treadmill. His cardio sessions usually lasted around 20 minutes and were moderately intense.
  • Compound lifts (i.e. bench presses and squats) were the main focus in Jackman’s workouts. He would focus on his chest and back one day while strictly work on his legs the next day. Ryan allegedly encouraged Jackman to perform many lifts so he could reach his maximum potential.
  • Jackman targeted his upper chest by performing decline bench presses followed by a set of dumbbell chest flyes.

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Other exercises that Hugh Jackman performed with his trainer included leg extensions, leg curls, weighted pull ups, shoulder presses, barbell rows and rear lateral raises.

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