Ivanka Trump’s Post-Baby Body Secret: Diet and Workout Plan Includes Salmon, Healthy Carbs and Yoga Plus Meditation

Ivanka Trump

Ivanka Trump’s third baby arrived in March and already the fit mom of three and successful entrepreneur is back in shape and looking fantastic.

So what are Ivanka Trump’s diet secrets, if she even has any? Before having children, the daughter of Donald Trump and Ivana Trump admits to eating like a teenager, binging on pizza and pasta many times a day.

But after she started having children, she chose the path of healthy eating and hasn’t looked back since.

Ivanka Trump’s eating habits include whole foods, a few carbs, and no juicing. She tried a juice cleanse once and felt like she was starving so she gave it up (but it has to be stated that a juice cleanse is far different from adding a naturally pressed juice as part of an already balanced diet).

Ivanka Trump takes fitness seriously and believes in doing cardio-intense workouts so she can get her heart rate up. She loves yoga and meditation; it’s a great way to manage stress and get a lean, toned body. She also enjoys running, which is no surprise since she loves cardio workouts. She also ran in the Fitness/Shape Women’s Half Marathon for a distance of 13.1 miles.

Ivanka Trump’s Diet Plan

Protein Is King

Wild salmon is her go-to source of protein, and it’s an excellent choice because it’s loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. The body can’t create omega-3s on its own, so it needs to be delivered through food sources. Eating wild freshwater salmon is an excellent source of vitamin D, vitamin B, and selenium.

She Drinks Water All the Time

Drinking water is part of Ivanka Trump’s daily diet. Water, obviously, keeps the body hydrated and can help balance sodium levels, which is important for those who have high blood pressure. There is a lot of conflicting info about there about how much water to drink a day.

The best way is to just drink it regularly and watch the color of your urine. The darker it is, the more dehydrated you are. Light, straw-colored urine means you are drinking enough.

Carbs Are Out, But not All Carbs

This is a theme that emerges in many celeb diets. Some kick carbs entirely, but that’s not ideal because the body needs fuel and carbs provide that energy. The trick lies in knowing which carbs to choose. Refined white flours and starches, for example, can be eliminated permanently.

Starchy sweet potatoes, on the other hand, should be included because they are a terrific source of vitamin A, manganese, copper, and vitamin B6.

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