Jenna Dewan’s Toned Legs on Display: Channing Tatum’s Wife Proves Again She Is a Fitness Enthusiast

Jenna Dewan
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Jenna Dewan, Channing Tatum’s wife, took to Instagram to show off her toned legs in a Flash Dance-inspired photo shoot. Dewan posed seductively while sitting on a wooden block wearing an oversized grey sweatshirt and red pumps. It’s no surprise that as a dancer, Dewan would have amazing legs; but her overall physique is pretty killer, too.

Jenna Dewan Diet and Workout

To have a super-hot hubby, you have to keep up; and Dewan doesn’t have any difficulties with that. Dewan and Tatum make one super-hot couple, and it’s because of her vigorous workout plan along with her vegan diet.

As an actress, dancer, and mom, Dewan lives a busy life, but that doesn’t stop her from partaking in power workouts, dance classes, and getting in plenty of cardio. Her 45-minute power workout is just enough to keep Dewan looking fit and provide her with ample energy to carry out her day.

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Dewan grew up a dancer, so she says when she has time, she will partake in a dance class. Dewan also noted that she often needs motivation; so she much prefers working with a trainer or joining a class led by an instructor. Her favorite trainer is Jennifer Johnson, with whom she says she will spend about 15 minutes just jamming and dancing to various hip-hop tracks.

After she is done dancing, Dewan will move on to muscle-toning exercises, which include light weights, squats and lunges, and ab workouts.

A typical day of eating for Dewan includes breakfast with a green smoothie, lunch with Lebanese tabouli, and dinner with brown rice bowls with plenty of veggies. As mentioned, Dewan follows a vegan diet, which means she doesn’t eat meat or animal products.

Therefore, she must get in her protein through plants and supplements. And for Dewan, maintaining a high intake of protein is important because she is so active. So it helps bulk and repair muscle.

Although Dewan has tried to get hubby Tatum on board with the vegan diet—she noted that he did try it for six months— it wasn’t something he could live by. He actually dislikes many vegetables.

So how does Dewan deal with every woman swooning over her husband? She admitted that she totally understands why people drool over him, but also said the couple just laughs it off – she clearly isn’t much of the jealous type.

With dance being such a big part of Dewan’s life – growing up and even now – it’s of no surprise that she continues to look amazing, even after giving birth. Dance is a great form of exercise that is incredibly fun – you don’t even realize how many calories you’re burning! Once you really get into the music, you forget you’re exercising and just allow your body to move along to the rhythm—and who wouldn’t love that?

Jenna Dewan landed herself one of Hollywood’s hottest hunks for a husband but truly stands on her own by continuing to look super fit.

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