Jennifer Lopez Fitness Secrets Revealed: Caffeine Free, Vegan Diet and Cardio Exercises

Jennifer Lopez
Photo Credit: Felipe Ramales / Splash News

Jennifer Lopez’s birthday was July 24, and at 47 years old the A-list singer and actress is looking better than ever. Lopez, also known as JLo, incredibly looks younger every passing year. Jennifer Lopez’s weight is 121 pounds for her 5-foot 5-inch frame. Looks like Jennifer Lopez’s age is only a number.

How does JLo look so good at 47? Jennifer Lopez follows a vegan diet from time to time, and also has a super-effective weight-loss cardio exercise program. She also credits her positive outlook on life to her healthy habits, but like anyone else, there are days when she feels great upon waking and days where she’s tired, but she tries to think positively to get through them.

Jennifer Lopez’s Vegan Diet

In 2014, Jennifer Lopez followed a five-week gluten-free and vegan diet with the guidance of exercise physiologist Marco Borges to help lose 10 pounds. This program was perfect for Jennifer Lopez’s weight loss goals, helping her go from a size four to a size two.

For breakfast, Lopez eats millet cereal with bananas with almond milk and blueberries. Lunch is a kale salad with red peppers, and dinner includes zucchini noodle pasta with tomatoes and vegan cheese. She says she enjoys eating this way now, though she never used to. She also cites how good she feels mentally and physically as a result of eating healthy foods. Lopez follows a healthy diet overall, but splurges once in a while. She doesn’t consume alcohol or caffeine, or smoke cigarettes. She says that everyone is human and makes mistakes, but that people shouldn’t beat themselves up over it. But the key is to always try to be better.

Jennifer Lopez’s Workout Plan

When it comes to exercise, JLo likes to do it in the morning. Jennifer Lopez’s cardio workouts help keep her in shape. She is also a fan of the Tracy Anderson Method. The exercise program includes dance aerobics and muscular structure work and up to 13 different exercises that change every 10 days. It lasts about an hour, and includes 30 minutes on glutes.

Jennifer Lopez trains with Anderson when she’s in Los Angeles, but when she’s in New York, she works out with trainer David Kirsch. With Kirsch, JLo does a little bit of everything, including push-ups, planks, and boxing. She also makes sure to get plenty of beauty sleep; at least seven to eight hours each night. If she doesn’t get her sleep, she tends to feel emotional and tired.

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