Jennifer Lopez Ready for Shades of Blue Season 2 with Disciplined Fitness and Organic Foods Diet

Photo Credit: Jackson Lee/Splash News
Jennifer Lopez

Photo Credit: Jackson Lee/Splash News

Jennifer Lopez works hard for her amazing body. As the Shades of Blue star prepares for Season 2, many say the actress, singer and mom is in the best shape of her life. What are Jennifer Lopez’s fitness secrets? What is the Jennifer Lopez exercise and diet? Read on to find out.

Jennifer Lopez’s Diet Routine

Jennifer Lopez may be 47 years old, but it seems that the star has been drinking from the fountain of youth. Well, not exactly – but Lopez has always been recognized for having glowing skin, shiny hair and a killer bod – seemingly avoiding the aging process altogether. What are her secrets? Jennifer Lopez follows a clean diet.

What is a clean diet? Clean eating means avoiding all processed and packaged foods. Lopez eats organic foods – fresh, organic whole fruits and vegetables and lean, quality proteins. Her trainer, Tracy Anderson, has Lopez eating all kinds of high quality and nutrient-dense foods to sustain her body and provide it with the fuel it needs for her busy life. Sometimes she may have a protein shake, but that is the closest to processed she gets. When on the go, she prepares healthy snacks like fruits and vegetables ahead of time to snack on.

Jennifer Lopez Wows Fans With 10 Pound Weight Loss From Vegan Diet

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Lopez is also very disciplined when it comes to her diet – she avoids all caffeine, nicotine and alcohol – as they all contribute to rapid aging and can show more readily on a person’s face. This is the secret to the American Idol judges’ amazing clear skin.

That being said, Lopez is still human and does not deprive herself from indulging all the time. Potato chips, fried chicken, cookies or cake are things she still craves and may have in moderation, but she doesn’t beat herself up about it. It’s only normal.

In addition, Lopez balances this out with her consistent workout routine, according to Anderson. This way, Lopez can still enjoy feasting with her family and children during holidays like Thanksgiving. She is not into extreme dieting of any kind.

Jennifer Lopez’s Exercise Routine

The brunette beauty credits working out to a large part of her happiness. When she is taking care of her body and her well-being, it’s an act of self-care and naturally makes her feel good. Her workout consists of boxing, dancing as well as other kinds of cardio. She is very consistent with it and maintains a positive attitude, which she believes also contributes to her confidence.

Jennifer Lopez

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Lopez embraces feeling beautiful as an attitude – looking for things she loves about herself without all the comparison to others. This is a big reason why Lopez is always glowing – she is happy – and makes it a practice to take care of her health in physical ways like diet, nutrition and a workout regimen, as well as mentally through gratitude and cultivating a positive self-image.

It seems that Jennifer Lopez’s clean diet of eating organic foods adds to her healthy weight. Striving for balance and moderation helps her to focus more on how she feels versus how she looks – and she looks fantastic!

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