Jenson Button and Model Girlfriend Brittny Ward Spotted Working out Together in LA

Jenson Button, Brittny Ward
Photo credit: London Entertainment /Splash

Race car driver, Jenson Button, and model girlfriend, Brittny Ward, often work out together, which makes them one hot couple. The couple has a personal trainer, which pushes both of them to really get their sweat on. Ward’s toned body can be seen all over her Instagram account, as she often posts pictures of herself in revealing workout gear.

So what do Button and Ward do to stay in great shape? Well, it’s a combination of things, which includes lunges, stomach exercises, skipping rope exercises, boxing, and SoulCycle.

Jenson Button and Brittny Ward’s Intense Workout

Ward is very proud of her body and wants other women to be proud of theirs, too. She once captioned a picture on her Instagram, “F**k filters and facetune! I’m proud to be me. All you girls who cinch your waist into nothing and make women feel like they need to look like that when no one looks like that can suck it!’

As a model, it’s Ward’s business to look her best, but she puts in plenty of work in order achieve her figure. In one of her Instagram posts, you can see the model skipping rope, performing squats with a resistance band, jump squats, kettle bell swings, and much more. Sure, the video made it look super easy – it was sped up – but we’re sure the exercises were quite challenging.

Other images and videos show off Ward’s boxing skills, and, of course, there are plenty of images of her modeling tiny bikinis.

Her boyfriend Button often centers his workouts around weight-lifting and core-strength exercises. Although most of his training is done in the gym, he loves outdoor exercises such as running, swimming, and cycling. For him, being outdoors is a nice escape from his race car driving profession, as he has noted that it can be quite loud.

Before a race, Button drops a few pounds by cutting out carbs. To maintain his lean physique, he avoids processed foods and anything that isn’t natural. He told Men’s Health, “Basically, I eat like people did 50 years ago.  If I’m training then I eat vegetables, fish, meat and some carbohydrates, but if not then I stick to an extremely low-carb diet.”

Button says his biggest workout challenge is that he can’t listen to music because, as he puts it, he has “funny ears” and headphones have difficulty staying in.

Jenson Button and Brittny Ward make one hot couple, and their diet and fitness routines really pay off, keeping them looking sexy. Whether they hit the gym or head outdoors for a workout, the two have managed to make regular training a part of their healthy lifestyle, which helps them maintain their super-toned bodies.

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