Jessica Alba, Mother of Two, Reveals Her Bikini Body Secrets, Group Workout Keeps Her Motivated

Jessica Alba
Credit: Ari Perilstein / Stringer / Getty

According to actress Jessica Alba, having kids has made her a better businesswoman, and group workouts keep her motivated. In an interview with the Australian Women’s Health magazine, the mom of two revealed this and the ten rules she lives by. She must be tapped into some great secret of the universe because she looks fabulous (and she shows off that bikini body on the January cover of Women’s Health).

Not only that, but her Honest company was recently valued by Forbes at 1.7 billion dollars. At Jessica Alba’s age, 35, that is a phenomenal accomplishment.

The interview reveals that Alba stays young and fit by drinking lots of water and by doing hip hop dance classes and hot yoga group workouts. “I really like a group fitness class because it motivates me more and I have fun sweating with friends!”

So how exactly have her daughters, Honor and Haven, enabled her to be better in business? “It has allowed me to breathe and allowed me to enjoy being in the moment, which makes me a better mother and a better professional,” she told the magazine. “At the end of the day, I am most proud of being able to have my daughters watch me go after the things I am most passionate about and never give in to the “Nos.’”

Alba’s Tips for Great Health and Success

1. Drink plenty of water and get lots of sleep.

2. Fitness should be done with friends because it will give you motivation.

3. High-intensity workouts and hip hop are great because they keep you moving like Alba. Also try spin/cycling classes like the actress, and even hot yoga sculpt, cardio-boxing, or work with a trainer.

4. Surround yourself with people who are the best at what they do and make sure to learn from them.

5. Listen to your own voice and trust your instincts.

6. Life is a balancing act and is forever a work in progress.

The actress is so busy being a mom, and with her billion-dollar company, she has no time to cook elaborate meals. Her secret there is to keep it simple when preparing food for the family. One of the actress’s little known food secrets is that she douses everything in sriracha sauce. Alba says she suffers from low blood pressure and low blood sugar, and gets woozy if she doesn’t get enough salt in her diet. To combat this, she adds a pinch of salt to her water, especially when doing hot yoga.

Her top go-to guilty pleasure snack is nachos, and she will put anything on them, but her favorite toppings are homemade black beans and jalapeno-almond cheese. The Alias actress eats a lot of salads, and even has a trick to making great kale salads. The key, she says, is to massage the kale with the dressing.

Alba’s approach to eating is finding balance. Health is the main goal and objective, and if she has a day where she isn’t so strict on what she eats, she gives herself a break. Overall, she isn’t a big fan of carbs, but she will make the occasional exception for strawberry shortcake.

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