Kate Hudson Enjoys Hiking with Mother Goldie Hawn on Brother Oliver Hudson’s 40th Birthday

Kate Hudson
Photo credit: Jen Lowery / Splash News
Kate Hudson

Photo credit: Jen Lowery / Splash News

Kate Hudson is really close to her family, so much so that the entire family, including actor and Kate’s mom, Goldie Hawn, step-dad Kurt Russell, and birthday boy brother Oliver Hudson all went hiking for Oliver’s 40th birthday this past week.

The foursome hiked from Aspen into Crested Butte, one of the most beautiful hikes that Kate has ever done, she says, though for her it’s more about the people you are with.

Kate Hudson looks beautiful, and extremely happy in the picture she posted on Instagram a week ago of her and her mom hamming it up in the background. Looks like Goldie Hawn was doing some biking as well. They are an extremely fit and active family.

Kate Hudson’s Workout

Kate Hudson is an active woman. If she’s not hiking and biking with friends and family, she is doing yoga or Pilates, she is dancing or going to something called HeartCore when in London, or spinning classes at SoulCycle.

But overall, Pilates is the one exercise she seems to do most frequently. She’s been working with her Pilates instructor Nicole Stuart for over a decade, and mom Goldie Hawn is also a client of Stuart’s. They even do classes together at home.

Mama Goldie tearing up a single track! ?❤️ #LoveMyMama #ProudDaughter

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Hudson works out at least four times a week, and even if she isn’t at a scheduled workout, she can often be found doing little exercises while in her kitchen, such as leg lifts, or ab crunches while sitting in a chair listening to her kids.

If you ever see her doing random arm circles, know it is normal for this actor. She really tries to maximize every moment and movement, and it shows because she has one of the most enviable bodies in Hollywood.

There are other trainers on Hudson’s list of people who help get her in shape, and she likes it that way—she says her trainers push her to new levels.

The key to her workout routines and keeping in shape is mixing up the activities she does. Some days she does a Tracy Anderson dance workout, and other days a Body by Simone workout. Kate Hudson loves fitness so much that she started her own line of workout clothes a few years back called Fabletics. She wanted to offer clothing that women could workout in but also wear out in public comfortably.

Working out isn’t the only way that Hudson maintains a fit and healthy body. Diet is also a major component, and Hudson knows this. The mom of two follows a strict alkaline diet.

It’s mostly a vegetarian based diet, though some proponents of it do bend the rules a bit—but not Hudson. Meat, dairy, eggs, most grains, caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods are not allowed—although Hudson admits to having a caffeine addiction, so she does allow that in her diet.

For breakfast, Kate Hudson tries to have a green juice and a coffee, and maybe some egg whites with an avocado, some salsa, and mixed berries. Most of her calories come from tofu, nuts, fruits and vegetables.


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