Katie Cassidy Flaunts Amazing Bikini Body: Learn How the Arrow Star Stays Fit

Katie Cassidy Flaunts Amazing Bikini Body: Learn How the Arrow Star Stays Fit
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Katie Cassidy, best known for her role as Laurel Lance (and her alter ego the Black Canary), in the hit TV series Arrow, showed off her fantastic bikini body this past Tuesday while relaxing poolside in Miami. The adorable black lace-inspired two piece revealed Cassidy’s slim yet strong figure and left us wondering: Just how did she get into superhero shape?

Katie Cassidy’s Workout

The key to Katie Cassidy’s workout lies in variety. From yoga to spinning, and even boxing, the Arrow star keeps it fresh in order to keep her body on its toes. This mix of activity also keeps her from getting bored and makes it easier for her to exercise every day and keep fit. She also isn’t afraid to bulk up, revealing her love of weight lifting in an interview with In Style magazine. Cassidy reported lifting as much as 25lbs just for bicep curls as part of her training for the show. Her character is know for reckless behavior, especially (but certainly not limited to), getting into fistfights with the bad guys and kicking some serious butt. To make these fight scenes more realistic, Cassidy trains with stunt coordinator James Bamford and utilizes her strength training and boxing experience to portray just how tough the Black Canary really is. She showed off part of her boxing routine in the following Instagram post from October:


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In another post, she teasingly calls out her co-star Stephen Amell while completing a difficult raised push-up combo.

Round 7 Amell. Bring it! @stephenamell @t3athletics @james2bambamford ??????

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Katie Cassidy’s Diet

While it is clear that TV’s Katie Cassidy is a fitness buff (in the literal sense), proclaiming her love for a variety of workouts and strength training regimens, it is more than just exercise4 that keeps her in fighting shape. The key to her diet is simple: balance. Rather than focusing on a strict caloric goal, Cassidy instead takes into account the nutritional quality of the food she consumes. Plenty of protein and healthy carbs as well as vegetables make up the majority of her meals, while her favorite snacks include fruits and nuts such as almonds. Her go-to breakfast to get a jump start on her day consists of smoked salmon, poached eggs, avocado, multigrain toast, grapefruit juice and coffee. Again, her mantra of quality over quantity is seen as she enjoys a large, balance breakfast full of protein, nutrients and healthy fats to give her fuel for the day. In keeping with the theme of balance, Cassidy also stresses the importance of mental as well as physical happiness, explaining her belief that the body, mind and energy are all connected and should be equally nurtured.

Katie Cassidy rocked her itty bitty black bikini this week in Miami, proving that her dedication to leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle is really paying off for the star.


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